Problems with Roger's new bill format

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Re: Problems with Roger's new bill format

Every person needs to compare their products, services.. what else is available.. and find the best solution.

Sometimes price isnt everything.

In some cases like some other wireless cariers.. yes you can get plans with equivelent stuff, for 1/2 the price.  Which is great!
But you also have to make sure that they work for you.  Some of them have more resticted areas.. all depends on where you live.  (Eg, I love the prices/services with WIND.. but where i live.. i am out of their core coverage area.. and would be paying ROAMING... i dont with rogers, etc).

(I could switch to local DSL here for 1/2 the price and unlimited! great!... other than its 6mbps dsl... which is way to slow for my type of usage)


I should be getting my new bill in a few days.. so will have to check out all the ways of accessing this new format.. as my wife need the detailed billing for hers.

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Re: Problems with Roger's new bill format

Interesting comments all around folks and as a long term Rogers customer too, I have been prepared to assist and evolve with time - realizing it will not always be pain free.


I struggle with the comments from Rogers that removing the detailed billing information from the online PDF file will help simplify things.    It makes life miserable for those that need it and for those that don't, just skip those pages or opt out of detailed billing - which is still an option.


Where I see Rogers dropping the ball on this one right now is not admitting that this was probably an incorrect decision or a mistake.   Either or and I am fine with it, just admit it and make the correct one now.   That is what respected people and organizations do.


To those who have left for whatever reason, everybody has to choose what services work for them.    But as somebody who does watch the options closely, as much as I hate to admit it, there is no other option for me for wireless.   I have 6 devices, they travel frequently throughout Canada, much of the time rurally, and two of them are in the USA a few times a year.     There are two locations that devices spend at least 3-4 weeks a year in that Rogers is the only carrier with service (and one of those is in Central Ontario).

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Re: Problems with Roger's new bill format

Whaaaaaat? Changing the zoom to 75% - how did you ever figure that out? Anyway, it works for me as well. I guess Rogers can't afford testers, so they let people like you do the debugging. Hope you let them know so they can fix it... Thanks for your work.
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Re: Problems with Roger's new bill format

I don't see this either, I took the zoom off Chat told me it was my ad block, I uninstalled that. Nothing, I cant see my bill Smiley Sad
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Re: Problems with Roger's new bill format

If making major system changes is such a challenge maybe it would be prudent to make small changes rather than major ones  and try to maintain the customer satisfaction and trust a little more.


I had to laugh out loud .... I viewed the tutorial  on the new billing  when I tried to access  the "new" online bill but it seemed a little ambiguous  ... then I come here and one of the mods had  posted a lovely simple and concise tutorial page.

Why wouldn't they put the better tutorial on the bill page  ?


And my main beef with this whole online thing is the apparent  attitude of Rogers that they do it their way and I need to adapt ... my idea of customer service  is you actually cater to the customer  and take on technology that is going to be compatable  with the CUSTOMER'S  computers.

I deal with other companies online as well  and on average over the last year and a half I have spent 75% more time dealing with complications with Rogers  billing issues, than the other 5 companies put together.  Should we work with Rogers ? Sure, to a certain extent .... but other companies can get it right  the first time so  why do we have to do their work for them ?


This bulletin board is just another example .. maybe if you're on here all the time  it's simple to navigate but compared to the other 6 bb's I've been on, this one sucks big time for layout and  navigability.


But then maybe it's just my old computer , or my security software  , or god knows what ....causing compatability issues with Rogers.



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Re: Problems with Roger's new bill format

Good afternoon, 


We sincerely want to thank all of you for sharing your feedback with us.


We appreciate your comments and we are monitoring them closely.  We are bringing them to the attention of the appropriate department daily. 

We truly care about how our customers feel about the changes we brought to the billing format. We are grateful that you are taking the time to let us know, as it will help us improve the customer experience for all.


We are currently working to make changes to ensure that the usage is more accessible. Smiley Happy

We will provide you with updates, as soon as we can! 



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Re: Problems with Roger's new bill format

Barndoor - so well said with great humour.
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Community Manager
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Re: Problems with Roger's new bill format

Hello Community,


You have come. You have posted. And we are listening.


Changes are coming soon to your New Bill!



As always, we here in the Community will provide you with further updates as soon as we can!



Thank you all so much for your participation in the Rogers Community Forums Smiley Happy




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Re: Problems with Roger's new bill format

Thanks @RogersDarrell



But I spoke with someone at the Office of the President today - they confirmed that there are no glitches with the bill format. Rather it is confirmed that it is Roger's intention that call detail NOT display on a bill.

The argument shared with me is that with people moving to Share Everything plans - Roger's believe detail is unnecessary.


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Re: Problems with Roger's new bill format

Only problem is, that's not going to fly with any company or government auditors.  Maybe good in theory, but no cigar.