Problems with Roger's new bill format

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Re: Problems with Roger's new bill format

Yes, I would agree with you on supporting only one browser, but the reality is that multiple browsers have been used for years now and is a reality of the industry.  Within a corporate setting, it is much easier to standardize everything onto one browser. I agree they have deemphasized support on the site, but I would also suggest that they have taken on a huge overall - if you see the quarterly reports, they talk a lot about a simplified, easier to work with bill and services page (MYROGERS), with a uniform experience on all devices, which is also a huge task in itself, which very few organizations, other than banks have taken on and they  have been very careful and slow about doing that - consider online banking and online banking apps. I have one from a major bank that is extremely intuitive, even works on Blackberry 10 native, as well as Android and Apple, Mac, and Microsoft phones.


The only issues currently with the websites is not really the browsers, other than their need to move to current protocols, such as HTML5 which is compatable across all broswers pretty seemlessly.  


Your last point is dead on - they need to make the sites easy to use, reliable with simple visual tutorials and videos to show how to work with the various functions on the site, since they have also placed a huge load on the site itself to attempt to turn it into a self serve location where they can advertise, sell devices, online, check your services, usage, billing, payments, profile information.  All doable, and was generally stable up until they decided to make the major change in so many different areas, such as single sign in to the multiple services, including the forums, dealing with changing standards and protocols which would have to be done anyway.


Once you design a web interface in HTML5, in general, the look and feel of the workings of the site will be identical, as the browser is just the shell that the user interface and network connection is operating in.  That is why we see most of the site moving to HTML 5.  The challenge I believe is that they have taken on a huge project, which involves multiple outside apps and internal dabase interfaces, and they have misjudged the amount or resources, and time to do it successfully and seamlessly for the customer.


As an example, when my bank changed over their on line banking interface, there was a good tutorial on using the whole thing, highlighting what had changed and how to work with it, advance notice of the changes before the implementation, a weekend of down time while they successfully rolled it out with lots of notice, and only one minor changes was requested by users (a filter for 30 days that had been on the previous bill - they initially felt it was unessary, but about two weeks in, enough feedback was received that it was wanted and they put it back - it is their next build). They rolled it out in sections so it was easy to rollback if necessary, and had a highlevel of online and phone support available during the rollout and for about a month afterwards.  Staff dedicated just to this change over, nothing else.


Their introduction of phone apps was also pretty seamless and was highly successful, and they are currently about to rollout another change, 2 years after the past one, that brings them in line with new HTML5 standards and security standards, and while they are at it, they made some changes on layout and access with advice from a user group - the layout out lives up to the claim of less clicks and cleaner layout, and simplifying it to keeping most relevant single services on each linked page.  I was just looking at the site and they are currently doing the changess, and three implementations have gone into place already, and there is a very specific timeline on each change and how it will impact access to different parts of the site. You know exactly what your downtime is going to be and they have done an an amazing job of sticking to it, which means they have done a solid test bed test before they tried going live.


This is the coordination and care that I just don't see in this major Rogers implementation.



As a final example, online access sites have been successfully applied that I have experienced with Canada Student Loans services, Services Canada, library accesses, and the list goes on.  Never have I observed this much difficulty in getting changes implemented, both as a leader in large IT integration and user access projects, and as a consumer.


So I agree with everything you have said about this implementation, about resources, and education and guides, but I disagree with the issue of browsers - that is just a matter of them not staying up with current standards, some of which are over a decade out of use (eg. SSL certificate access to the voice mail online for home phone, and the Netscape NPAPI standards that have been known for over two years, and were actually reported the first time on this forum very early this year).  There is absolutely no reason why their interfaces shouldn't run the same on all current browsers. It is just the way menus, and layout of the browser tools differ, not the interface, when programmed properly using current standards.


The only reason they keep pushing over to certain browsers and zoom sizes is just poor design and engineering to current standards.  Standards on phones is a different story though, it is a bigger challenge, but not really since most comapnies only provide apple and android apps, and Blackberry and Microsoft are moving to supporting either android or apple, or both.  That one will take more time to stabalize.


The big changes in browsers these days, is things like being able to write and put notes on a web view and save it for others to see, allowing for collaboration, changing the view to a reader view, like we would see on a KOBO with text only and a cleaner look with all ads removed, they are all using tabs now, and the process of bookmarking frequent pages on the home page.  But the apps we pull from the web sites, are pretty much identical no matter what browser you are on.  


The browser companies have moved to competing on security, speed, use of tabs, implementation of voice control, lists of pages, and dropping all legacy standards - microsoft is the only company to maintain the legacy standards in place, on IE 11 only, and they just dropped all support for previous IE, which means that Vista is also basically dead too because they can only use IE8 as its highest browser. Microsoft actually has a lot of default restrictions on protocols, pop-ups and so forth which the Rogers site requires, but IE has chosen to give us the choice of taking the security risks involved in turning these off.  With Edge, they have removed the suppport for legacy standards, and are consistent with all standards for add-ons, extensions, application interfaces, based on HTML5 and other HTML5 consistent Java and also sandboxing the browser from the OS so that trojans, viruses and hacks imbedded in the code or site, cannot access the operating system or root.


I know that was long winded, but basically I am saying, 



@cwrb wrote:
Let's be clear why myRogers is in very poor shape.
Mgmt has decided to de-empathize customer support on their website. -  
"I agree totally on this, but would also say, that they don't know how to support it because they have carried out such a poor implementation.  There are two types of support on the IT side of things, the most important one is always customer support by making it very user friendly and "dummy proof", and providing well skilled support with access to step by step instructions, visuals and videos to guide the user, usually done in advance of the implementation and support for the natural bugs that show up or odd user interface that support decidees to make the change to support the user experience.  Currently, Rogers can do neither, because it doesn't have a stable implementation, so there are no answers to give to us."


If they wanted to minimize cost and still support their customers, they would provide full support for one browser
"my position is that this is exactly what they are doing is saving money by neglecting current standards in maintaining their apps, and web interfaces, and they end up left on the only "legacy browser that still works (imposing the choice of us taking major security risks due to old insecure protocols and code) with their refusal to stay up with recommended security programming and design practices in the field, and as a result create problems like incompatability between browsers, that need not exist, and apps that don't play friendly with all browsers, which again does not need to exist if they just stayed on top of the current standards in programming - or their suppliers are also trying to stay cheap and change things without looking to the future.
and outline to the users how best to access the things outlined on the site.


This last one is an absolute and is the most important missing thing, is very good up to date FAQ's available directly from the sections of the web site, not imbedded in their poorly desinged help tool with its poor search and many out of date references.  They are trying by providing visual presentations and some tutorials, but these are limited and also restricted because a lot of the support being provided right now is debugging problems, that currently do not have easy solutions. They have provided links to the forum and FAQ's in some place, but being referred to these threads, unfortunately will provide little suppport or comfort to any user struggling with their access to the desired application.


But definitely I have been ranty today.  I am disappearing for the weekend.  I have been here too much as of late and am getting very annoyed with the company again, and that isn't good for my health, isn't changing anything, providing no immediate solutions, and most of what I am writing has been said before.


We all have our own perspective on how to fix this whole mess across almost all product lines from Rogers, but the problem is that we are not seeing solutions, so support is silent, we hear nothing on tickets, the forum staff are unable to provide much support, nor are any of the staff at rogers, as there really is no answers right now.




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Re: Problems with Roger's new bill format

Just checked again with 5 android browsers. All had ad-blocking disabled.

Warning still presented on initial page indicating Internet Explorer should be used.
In other words, do not use an android device to view myRogers.

No indication ad-blocking should be disabled.

No way to download the PDF bill file.

Yet this text is still presented:
Thanks for your feedback!
We’ve made it easier for you to access information about your bill. Click on the “Save / Print this bill” link to find your usage details

None of this has to do with their programmers.

Obviously, mgmt has decided to not spend any time or money supporting their smartphone customers!
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Re: Problems with Roger's new bill format

Just checked Win10 Opera and Chrome browsers:


1. Opera works when you press pdf bill.jpg

2. Chrome shows a msg that you cannot download the PDF, when you mouse over pdf bill.jpgbut the file does download.


Small point, but I am wondering if the developers are lazy or just told not to spend any time on the myRogers site.


From my experieince managing approx 20 web developers for about 5 years, it was difficult to ensure they didn't fix something they knew was incorrect or not professional.

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Re: Problems with Roger's new bill format

I would like to be able to see & print out my L/D usage each month.  This also applies to cell phone usage.

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Re: Problems with Roger's new bill format

Well cell phone usage would be the only thing you can print off anyway. Just access the .PDF version of the bill, if you can, and print it off. It should have all of your usage on that bill.

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Re: Problems with Roger's new bill format

With the new Rogers bill design (again!), I cannot view anything on my telephone bill--not a word.  It all appears in source code.  The only way I can pick up my due date and amount is in the email sent by Rogers.  I like to view the bill in totality and then print it.  I cannot get any help on line--nobody to talk to as usual.


Frustrated customer.


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Re: Problems with Roger's new bill format

Hi @imross


Welcome to the Community Forums!


You stated you can only see source code? I am unsure what that entails to.

But I can definitely understand the frustration that can cause. Please send @CommunityHelps a private message and we can look into seeing what is causing the issue.


To learn about Private message click here.




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Re: Problems with Roger's new bill format

All I get on the Account Overview page is a bunch of coloured balls jumping up and down.  No account number comes up.

On the Billing and Payment Page this is what I get (looks la bit ike computer source code to me):







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Re: Problems with Roger's new bill format

I was having the same problem and just figured it out.  Somewhat related to ad-blocking, I block a lot of tracking sites in my hosts file (actually using Hostsman).  When I disable my hosts file (rename it) then I can see the bill.


Called support to see if there is any way to find out which sites are needed so I can just unblock those, but they can't submit tickets to IT.