Problems with Roger's new bill format

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Re: Problems with Roger's new bill format

I have the same issue, and have been reading this thread with interest. Not only is it disappointing to me, it's unacceptable. Personally, I require detailed billing in order to be reimbursed by my employer, and the new PDF invoice would be rejected. I spoke with someone in customer service who stated that the paper invoice by mail will continue to have the call details, so I suppose I'll have switch back to that until the matter is corrected. Manually cutting and pasting usage details from a website into my expense reports are not in my plans. Sorry, Rogers. You really dropped the ball here. I expect a backlash from those that require detailed billing and like to manage their accounts on-line. There are a few of us, me thinks.

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Re: Problems with Roger's new bill format

I too appreciate all the help from you guys with the new bill format.

I was able to locate the pdf bill statement but when I clicked on it it said not available so I couldn't print it.


If you want me to pay it I need a hard copy.

Guess I may have to go back to a mailed statement now that you have been told you can't charge for it.


If I said it before I'll say it again... "if it ain't broke don't fix it"

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Re: Problems with Roger's new bill format

Just a question from the peanut gallery here.


My cable bill is by monthly automatic bank withdrawal, so it's not like I could miss a payment, and I also get a paper bill or statement, but only twice a year, just like the PDF bills on Bills & Payments, twice a year. What happens when someone opts to go paperless on line? Do they get an email every month to go look for their bill, or do they get the PDF by email? The reason I ask is that when I went paperless with my gas company, I failed to get a bill notification and missed a month before I realized what happened.

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Re: Problems with Roger's new bill format

I get an e mail notification when my bill is ready for viewing. ( I'm billed every three months) Sometimes the bill is available for viewing before the e mail shows up,, but so far I have had no problems getting my bill on time.The one thing I haven't quite figured out is, If I rent a movie or go over my bandwidth allotment, I get billed for those extras each month rather than those cost just being added to my regular bill. I'm not complaining though. I actually like getting the extras out of the way before the big bill comes in.
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Re: Problems with Roger's new bill format

Just a quick update from my experience online chat, customer service, and president's office on this very issue.

They did verify that:

1. downloaded version in pdf is a condensed version with no detail and that is by design at this point.

2. He has passed on my concern as other's have stated that for those of us who do need the details, this is now a very time consuming task - I have 5 phone lines to deal with. And navigation of the new bill to get to the details is still very buggy. He acknowledged this too, but only committment from him is that he has given it to the team and the team will decide.

3. Since the ability to download the detail data is not working the last two days anyway - at least in my case anyway - he offered to email me the complete bill (current one) including all the detail, so they obviously can create it from their end. I got it a couple of hours after our discussion. So absolutely it is possible for them to do it, so if you want it, ask them to create it and email it to you, and keep pushing for them to make it available to us.

4. Another interesting fact - When looking at the server error that was created, it was attempting to create a CSV file for the download, which is a spreadsheet data file. If you don't have a spreadsheet program or don't know how to use one, good luck working with the data. CSV means, each piece of information or value (date, time, phone number, code, etc) is in a text format and seperated by a comma, hense the term comma seperated values. I advised him to let their programming team know that if they arer currently coding for a csv download, this is great option to have, as individuals who have to parse 100's of calls based upon location, phone number, etc, will love the power of doing this in a spreadsheet. There is a filter that will let you do some of this filtering. Ask him to confirm that the download will come in form of PDF, but the bottom line, is, that I like others want this detail on my paper bill where it belongs. It is the description of the provision and use of services between Rogers and me and it belongs in one place (period).  And knowing the ease in which the president's office created it for me and emailed it, they already have the programming available, as it already existed for years, so just give it to us and for those who don't want detail, as before, you could turn it off.

5. Final note, I learned that on my computer I could not see the button to click for download pdf on any browser accept for IE 11. It does not work reliably on firefox or chrome at all or even on their android app, and the support people acknowledge they are working on it.


But please don't anyone get me wrong. I know just how complex a change can be and bugs are to be expected and the support has been great, but the issue of dropping the detail on the printed or mailed bill is a clear programming and business/systems decision (based upon what I have read hear and from my discussion over the last two days), and that one I have advised them is absolutely unacceptable and is potentially a deal breaker in terms of my phone services and who I choose. I have no desire to change, I am a 22 year customer.


I trust they will hear us and listen and make the changes, and I will be patient, just thought I would summarize my experience to validate that what the people on this have board is not unique. I have the same issues and concerns, and all the customers relation people I dealt with, have agreed that they know about these issues and that it is being worked on.


Hopefully this will get cleared up quickly, but I can live with it for a couple of months. I can at least see the details, even if I can't download them. Paper and pencil anyone, or maybe screen clips?  🙂

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Re: Problems with Roger's new bill format

I just was wandering through the new bill introduction, and a survey popped up and one of the questions was how I liked the ability to download usage data to excel, so my original thoughts that this download button is going to create a CSV file to be opened in a spreadsheet (by the way, just a general statement Excel is a copyrighted term to Microsoft and so it needs to be indicated as such - I know many people don't use the copyright or trademark symbol, but you at least need to call it Microsoft Excel - they could have saved the copyright problem by just stating "export of usage to a spreadsheet program). You can open CSV to any spreadsheet program, or you can even get it as a text file. For those who don't have a spreadsheet program, those people will be confronted by the message that this file format is not associated to a program, so please choose. If you don't have a spreadsheet program, you can get a free csv viewer online, you can download an Microsoft Excel viewer, or other alternatives are available. Just search google. Or call for support from Rogers - they created this problem, they can talk us through it. Just my opinion.


So in summary, it currently looks like you will be able to view the details online (I can do that on my computer now), you can download and export it to a spreadsheet program (that is not working for me right now), and it is unknown whether you can download this detail data in a pdf format or not.


And again, to never let it be forgotten, "I want the detail back on my overall downloaded bill". I want it in one place, not have to go wandering page after page, doing download after download to get all of "my information".


Time will tell, and I am confident they will listen and adjust - I wouldn't still be here after 22 years if it wasn't my experience that they do listen, do fix things, do change when needed, even though in the moment it is a pain in the you know what. 🙂

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Re: Problems with Roger's new bill format

>And again, to never let it be forgotten, "I want the detail back on my overall downloaded bill". I want it in one place, 

>not have to go wandering page after page, doing download after download to get all of "my information".


+1 @BS



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Re: Problems with Roger's new bill format

Thank you all so much for taking the time to share your feedback with us.


We genuinely do appreciate your comments and we want you to know that they have been brought to the attention of the appropriate department. We are very grateful that you let us know how you feel about the changes we are bringing, as it will help us improve the billing experience for all our customers.


The New Bill project team, at Rogers, is closely monitoring the feedback you provide us on the new invoice format. 

They are currently working to make changes to ensure that the usage is more accessible.


Stay tuned! We will provide you with updates, as soon as possible! Smiley Wink



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Resident Expert
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Re: Problems with Roger's new bill format

Even if for whatever reason, it has to be seperated..  it at least needs to be streamlined as to make it easiest.


Putting the download links for the details right beside where the regular bill download, etc is as well then.. so you are minimizing work.

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Problems with Roger's new bill format

I use google chrome and was finally able to print the bill.

It was a pop up blocker problem that I didn't have before the new format.

Might help others.

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