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No pause button on app for Ignite TV boxes

I've Been Around

Just as the title says, why is there no pause button for my Ingnite cable boxes? They show up in the WiFi app same as any other device, minus the pause button. Don’t know much about how networks and routing works, but it seems like it should be a simple thing.




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Re: No pause button on app for Ignite TV boxes

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Your talking about, pausing the INTERNET for the boxes?
So they are not usable while paused, etc?

I just check mine, and oddly you are right.
That other devices when you go in on a singular bassis, it will show a PAUSE DEVICE.  But not for the rogers tv boxes.

I do have my TV boxes set up under a PROFILE on mine. 
And it does say that you can pause the internet on that profile.
I am assuming it will pause the boxes as well then?  But I have not tested it.

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