New feature for advising expiring credit card on MyRogers

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New feature for advising expiring credit card on MyRogers

Thank you Rogers for introducing a new feature on MyRogers - right beside the balance where the payment method sits, it advises me in bold red letters that my card is expiring in June - reminds me that I need to confirm from bank when I will get it (two months left still, but usually comes sooner)


Rogers is listening on some things and this is one that far too many people have got caught on when doing billing by credit card - forgetting about the expired card.


Now I just have to go over my credit card statement and figure out who else do I need to change - and for some of them, reset the password because I haven't logged in a while, so I forget them - memory is not one of my strong points anymore and before someone says, put it in a calendar, I would have to remember to do that too.


Thanks for the new feature and the reminder for someone with a bit of an addled brain. Smiley Happy






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Re: New feature for advising expiring credit card on MyRogers

Good evening @BS,


I'm definitely forgetful about these things, so I really do appreciate the new feature too. I'm glad to hear you found the feature helpful. 


Thank you for sharing your feedback with the Community Robot Happy!