Need to link new Home internet account to my existing wireless account

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Need to link new Home internet account to my existing wireless account

So I purchased a new service for home internet from Rogers and I already have 2 wireless lines. This happened on Monday. I got the Rogers modem through courier on Wednesday. However, the instructions say that I need to set up myRogers access for the Home internet through the email I will receive. I have not got the email to complete registration of myrogers account.  I called the Rogers helpline but I only got a ticket number for complaint 

C160353675 on Wednesday. I also got to know that the Sales person created a new account for me instead of adding the service to my existing wireless account. Ever since my modem is just lying around in my house and I cant even access my new home internet service. Is it rocketscience for an existing Rogers customer to get a new home internet connection? I cannot believe how much agony I have to go through just to get this service working. Has this kind of scenario never ever happened with Rogers? I am extremely frustrated at the lack of service from Rogers. I even wrote an email through the online Share a concern link but no response. Everyday I just get a service text from Rogers stating that my ticket is delayed and in progress - they will keep us posted but nothing till date.


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Re: Need to link new Home internet account to my existing wireless account

Good morning @Soumil,


Thank you for your post and welcome to our community! 🙂


We definitely want your introduction to our internet services to be a positive experience and we are disappointed that you are having these activation issues. We will do our best to help out!


After receiving your equipment and self-install kit, the next step should be to download the Ignite WiFi Hub app on your device. Once downloaded, sign in with your MyRogers info and follow the instructions to set up your modem.


If you need any help setting up your services, call us for 24/7 remote video assistance at 1-866-299-3622, visit this page for how-to videos, or Live Chat with us for assistance!


Please give this a try and let us know how it goes!