NHL gamecentre "Media error: video not available"

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Re: NHL gamecentre "Media error: video not available"



Though I can appreciate your frustration, this particular issue may not have a simple answer to it. We'll do our best to assist :).

Can you provide me with an example and a screenshot of what it is you're seeing? In addition can you confirm when was the last time watching video content worked if at all?


It's possible that a ticket may need to be escalated for your issue once validated. Have you spoken with wireless technical support regarding this yet?




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Re: NHL gamecentre "Media error: video not available"

this happens to me mostly on my PC. It would seem that it might have to do with your system creating the Video replay because many times I am trying to access the games near or after they are ended. After all the problems I have experienced this year I am not sure it makes sense to renew next year. I have spent more time trying to get the games to display rather then actually watching them. When it does work it works well.

I use Chrome on Windows 10 and I have Rogers Internet with very reasonable speeds.