NHL Game Centre: Add a 30 Sec Skip!

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I've Been Here Awhile
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NHL Game Centre: Add a 30 Sec Skip!

Can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add a skip ahead that is more than 10 seconds.  Customers get Game Centre in order to SKIP THE COMMERCIALS and SKIP THE PERIOD BREAKS and it is INFURIATING only skipping 10seconds at a time when 90% of the time the first click doesn't take.  It takes almost TEN MINUTES to skip the period breaks, so what's the point?????


Please add a THIRTY SECOND skip!!

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Re: NHL Game Centre: Add a 30 Sec Skip!

Hi @ptanyuh,



Welcome to the Community!



Thank you for sharing your feedback and concern with us, we'll definitely update the Community if there are changes or updates to the current set up.