NHL GCL crashing on Apple TV

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NHL GCL crashing on Apple TV



For weeks NHL GCL app on Apple TV continues to crash.  I have tried wifi and hard-wired connections.  I have updated, restarted, and reseted my apple tv.  Rebooted my modem several times.  Contacted Apple, they do not support 3rd party apps and Rogers never got back to me after spending around 35 minutes on their chat forum.  Not happy with the glitchiness of this app since Rogers took over, nor the lack of support.  I never had any issue with the Apple TV NHL GCL app in the past.  Someone please help.



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Re: NHL GCL crashing on Apple TV

What do you mean by "crashing"? Like the Apple TV crashes? 


I regularly get a "there has been an error loading your content" error that stops playback, which is most annoying... but I wouldn't call that a "crash", per se.