MyRogers and Features!!!!!!!

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MyRogers and Features!!!!!!!

May I suggest that all details of what is available to a customer, like marketing permissions, ability to change phone numbers, naming the phone numbers, since Rogers has made the decision to leave them off MYROGERS page, that it should be asked on every sale - it is a feature that is part of the contract, so until they put it back on the site.  It should not be the responsibility of the customer to "know" what they are supposed to, or can ask.


Just my opinion.  I ask every question possible, but my experience in the last couple of years is that about 80% of the time things have been done wrong or not as presented, or requested.


At least when it is on the online site, I know it exists and can make a decision.





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Re: MyRogers and Features!!!!!!!

Hello, @jaishnavpawala.


Welcome to Rogers Community Forums! 🙂


We are always looking for ways to bring more features to the self-serve platform. We welcome your suggestions, and we will make sure to pass them on to our product team for review. 


Thank you for being a member of Rogers' family.