MyRogers App Account not Supported Error

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MyRogers App Account not Supported Error

That's what I'm seeing when I open the My Roger's app. Any idea why? My account is fine and I was on the app just a couple days ago


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Re: MyRogers App Account not Supported Error

Hello @JPfromBC,


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums! 😃


I know how important the MyRogers App is when it comes to managing your services so we definitely want to help you out with this and try to find a solution.


Have you made any changes to your MyRogers profile recently? If you have added a new account number to your profile, keep in mind that Business accounts and Pay as you go accounts are not supported by the MyRogers App. This error is only generated if the App detects an unsupported account type associated with your MyRogers profile.


Have you recently updated the MyRogers App on your device? If you have made no changes to your MyRogers profile and the App has always worked for you please uninstall and then reinstall the App on your device and try signing in again.


Let the Community know if issues are persistent!