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Re: Linked Accounts

I have called reps numerous times, been told numerious times my case has been escalated, been told for over a month the problem is being looked after. I still can not log into My Rogers to see bill or data you have sent me an email my bill is ready and that it is $345..first off no way my bill is that have provided no way to prove that billing...I can not see it online and as per my legal representation at this time I do not legally have to pay you anything till you prove this amount, now unless you get My Rogers account back online or provide a bill that I can see all the charges you will not be paid. Now that i think about it, since I can not get into My Rogers and pay online I have no way to pay you anyways...this situation is the worst I have ever been in, period. Wipe my account completely away and start over if thats what you have to do, but please do something other then tell me lies!!!

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Re: Linked Accounts

@biscuit13 That sounds reasonable. Being presented with just a dollar amount you have to pay with no itemized details that can be examined and disputed by the customer does not seem to me to be a legal bill. If Rogers can't, for technical reasons, present any customer with a fully detailed PDF bill on line, then a paper bill should be sent by registered snail mail until the situation is fixed.

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Re: Linked Accounts

Good afternoon.


Checked my account today - still not linked, still not unlinked (trying to link manually shows it's already linked).


I've been able to learn that this issue IS NOW well know and admitted within Rogers even though they are not saying so here. They have approximately 5800+ customers that they are aware of that are impacted and technical people have been working on this since last week.

Although this doesn't help me view my bill or access my account today - I still think this is good news - with 5800+ affected - it's much more likely to be fixed than if there were a small number of us impacted.

What is really dissapointing in my opinion in the lack of communication and poor communication from Rogers.

While this issue may be well known to staff at this time - for many days a number of agents gave me inconsistent responses which creates a credibility gap and wastes my time. (As I previously mentioned - some staff would try and convince me that only I was affected and simply clearing my cache or using a different browser would fix it, yet others admitted the issue, refused to open a ticket, and couldn't give any information about resolution because they just don't know).

The right way to handle this is to give clear, regular updates to customers (even if no specific resolution time is known at this time - regular updates that the problem is being worked on). This is where Rogers is continuing to let us all down.

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Re: Linked Accounts



Even how long this has been worked on is not being communicated properly. My case number was opened on Nov. 24, which was about a week after the problem started. I've been told more than once it has been "escalated", whatever that really means. Guess what? Nothing has happened. Fortunately, I can get my billing and wireless info from the mobile My Rogers on my iPhone.

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Re: Linked Accounts

Since I can't check my account, Rogers took away many of my credits and my bill went up by $15 ,i wonder if they did this on purpose so you can not complain about the changes in your account ,guys call to find if rogers did any changes to your account 

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Re: Linked Accounts

@hopetindall wrote:

Hi @RogersMay


When I try and link the BAN it says that it's already linked (to that same Myrogers account). (Which is an improvement believe it or not from last week when it says the BAN was already linked to "(Blank)".


This account was manually linked to the Myrogers account by your support people when they created the Myrogers account using an email address as part of an attempt to correct the problem caused by your November 18th migration from username to email address as username.


The linkage seems to be in a limbo state of some kind. (Some things show linked - the agent noted it provides the correct account balance).But other things (account details, usage, bill) don't show as linked.  


Not quite linked, not unlinked. Support have tried removing and re-adding - without success.


They told me this is all related to known MyRogers errors people are experiencing. No resolve.


Right,  I do believe  we have the same issue.

Further to this,  email alerts from my original "silentbob"  account are still getting sent to me !

So it is in limbo alright.  

Active but no way to get into it since it has to be connected to a working "MyRogers login" so no way to access it !


Funny thing is, that one of the support people said "ok good so just reset the password on "silentbob"  and this will fix it.

Not realizing that there is no way to reset it since my only active login is the one which they created for silentbob2 (this account)!!




aka "silentbob" (hoping to reclaim this again soon)
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Re: Linked Accounts

I'm having the same problem. Not happy to learn this has been going on for weeks. And a message above this mess happily announces "An easy, secure way to manage your services and view your bills online"! lol

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Re: Linked Accounts

I have the same problem, both through my pc on their website and through my cell with the 'my rogers' app. It was working fine a week ago, could log in and see my bill, account when I sign in I get the pop up saying link an account to your 'my rogers' profile. I have changed nothing it just stopped working properly. It would be nice when they know they have an issue with their servers and messed up people's accounts they would just post a message about it so we didn't have to waste hours of time trying to sort out an internal rogers problem!

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Re: Linked Accounts

Hello @silentbob2 @jfenow @Kahnman67


Thank you for your post and welcome to the Forums.


We can definitely understand the inconvenience of the issue.


We’d liked to help in getting your issue resolved. Please send out a private message via @CommunityHelps the next time you are online and we can look into your situation further.


Looking forward to your response.



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Re: Linked Accounts

My account shows as having no account linked. I have tried to link it thru pc and app and it says it has already been linked to my email address on the pc and on the app it just makes the app crash. 

I have found though that if I try to upgrade my cell phone on the website it still knows that my cell phone number is linked to my account. 

Just adding to the previous posters and kind of reassuring that I am not the only one with this type of issue.