Ignite WiFi Hub - Scheduled downtime not working

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Re: Ignite WiFi Hub - Scheduled downtime not working


ok, i might or might not have found a solution but try it and confirm if this solves it for you as well. go to https://ignitewifi.rogers.com/connect/network log in with your Rogers credentials. Under the Connect Tab, click the Edit Wifi (top right). then check the option to separate 2.4g and 5g this will allow you to split the two signals from one network name into two. you can leave the same password for both. now when you browse the available wifi networks, you will see two belonging to your router. connect to either 2.4 or 5 depending on your device (you will have to reconnect all your devices to either one) after you do this you might need recreate your kids profile and re-associate the device to his profile. then everything should work again. My Son's ipad is now back on the schedule and turned off according to the schedule I created. let us know, this seems to be a hot topic for parents.