Ignite TV App - Not Connected to the Internet error

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Re: Ignite TV App - Not Connected to the Internet error

@Drfe99 on a Windows desktop or laptop, bring up a command prompt and type in:  ipconfig/all


That will show the IP address for the device and the DNS servers that are being used.  If the modem is running in Gateway mode and the router is running in Access Point mode, then the DNS servers should probably be as follows:


Rogers IPV4 DNS:


Rogers IPV6 DNS:


Primary IPv6 DNS:



Secondary IPv6 DNS:



When you look at the Preferred IP address for the device, it will either be an IPV4 or IPV6 address.  If its an IPV4 address, then your modem, and/or router should be set to run IPV4 only.  If the Preferred IP Address is an IPV6, address, then anything else connected to the router has access to IPV6.  The DNS addresses should also turn up in the order as determined by the presence of an IPV4 or IPV6 preferred address.  


Now, if the DNS addresses are not a recognizable Rogers address, then the question is, what is the modem providing, what is the router providing, and what if anything is set in the device adapter settings for the IPV4 DNS address.  So, there are three items or areas to check.  If the DNS entry windows are empty in those devices, then the modem is using the DNS address as provided by the Cable Modem Termination System (CMTS).  If the router DNS entry windows are empty, then either the router is accepting the DNS address from the modem, or its ignoring the address and simply passing on that address to the connected devices.  I'm not sure exactly what it will do.  The end result should be the same in either case.  


Hope this helps.  Let us know what you find.  

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Re: Ignite TV App - Not Connected to the Internet error

Had a similar problem and seemed related to the rogers ignite wifi hub had installed recently ,had a quick look at and exited while back.   Went in and noticed said something about scan in my serial on my modem and finish setup. Once i did this my ignite app started working properly again. Something to check if applies to you.

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Re: Ignite TV App - Not Connected to the Internet error

I also have Orbi on my home network. Our ignite boxes are connected and TV is running fine. Ignite website, on my laptop also works. I have a Samdung Note 8 running Android. All apps are working and my phone is connected to my home LAN. Roger's Ignite App is not working. I also uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Prior to uninstalling, it said that there was an error and the guide could not be displayed at present, wait a while and try again. After reinstalling app, now the error says "Connection Error, please check your connection and try again.".
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Re: Ignite TV App - Not Connected to the Internet error

Hello, @zimmermn.

Thank you for joining this discussion; the Ignite TV not working on your device when connected to the home network could be related to DNS settings as observed in this thread. 


Are you able to access the app on the same devices when connected to a different WiFi network or Cellular data connection?


Please see the post 44 and 51 of this thread to check the DNS settings on your router and possibly resolving the issue. 


Keep the Community posted on the outcome.