How to change login username?

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Re: How to change login username?

Good Afternoon @aysomani1,


Thank you for reaching out to us and sorry to hear you are having trouble de-linking your account from your old MyRogers profile. 


We would like the opportunity to take a deeper look into your MyRogers account and help you resolve the issue.


I’m going to send you a private message from @CommunityHelps. Please check your message via the envelope icon that appears on the top right-hand side of your screen when you are logged in to the forums.



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Re: How to change login username? (new feature in MyRogers profile)

I noticed today that in the profile and settings tab for MYROGERS, that there seems to be a way to change our user name.


If you go into profile and settings tab,

then edit username and password,


There is now an option to change the user name.  The following note sits beside the option Username guidelines :

Your username must be a valid email address. An email will be sent to the address
you entered containing a link to verify your address
It allows you to type a new user name which must be an email address and a verification is sent to that address.
Under the username field, there is two options, Cancel, and Change Username.
Has anyone tried it yet.  I am wondering if the change propogates across to the logins for anyplace TV, the phone app, and other places we may be required at this time to use the same user name - the NHL thingy would apply to I guess.
This hopefully is an easier method to accomplish rather than the previously suggested methods of unlinking and deleting the current account, and create a new one and relink it, which some people have run into problems with.
Now only thing left is to get the marketing preferences back - you still have to do a chat and they have to send a request to the back end, I was told today.  After I was directed, by the help directions that the CSR read, to go find it in the profile section.
So all the things that were dropped back in 2015 with the "new and improved MyRogers" are back except for the marketing preferences, and now appears one additional feature of being easier to change your username.




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Re: How to change login username? (new feature in MyRogers profile)

@BS I just went to MyRogers and looked, but didn't attempt to change anything for fear of messing something up and didn't need to change anything anyway.


I don't remember if you were on this board before Rogers made everyone switch our logins to our email address from the username we use here. This thread was started years ago, before we used our email address to sign in. Anyway, even on this board I can see where you can change your email address. That's logical because even if someone leaves Rogers and loses their email address, or never was a Rogers customer, they can still participate. As for changing the username here (I don't see anywhere else on Rogers where your username is used) I don't offhand see how to do it. But I do remember one contributor who was very irate and garnered a lot of edits and deletions and his username expressed his displeasure with Rogers. I think he was banned, but came back with the same username spelt backwards, which was quite innocuous.  Anyway, if someone wants to change their username here, they should contact Rogers.

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Re: How to change login username? (new feature in MyRogers profile)

@OLDYELLR  Like you, I looked at it, and just noted it here as I didn't want to take the risk of messing up my logins for the following that use the same:


The forum - yes there is a spot to change your email address, but when I go back in it still reads my rogers email account, not the gmail one I put in.  I will deal with that one when I do the rest - I don't receive any email notifications from the forum anyway, so as long as I can log in, I don't really care that much.


My contact email address for MYROGERS, is also a gmail account, while the login user name is my old rogers account.


I also use the same MYROGERS username, password combination for the three rogers apps on my android phone and for

NHL Centre Ice and for Anyplace TV (or where it redirects to at


So I will leave it alone for now.


As to your question re was I around when the change was made - I think I have had a membership since around 2013 and I remember going through that change to our email address for MYROGERS, and the the push of that common login to the other apps and web sites.  I was only reading at that time, not posting.


I became involved in posting when I first ran into the Roger's One Number website issues on Chrome, then was active in a number of other issues, and these days, I am generally back to watching, and just helping where I can.


As to your comment about a previous user, I prefer to stay away from discussions related to other users behaviours in the past.  I know that during the Navigatr problems and a couple of other ones, I was kind of irate at times, and I actually banned myself as I was too angry.  We are all human and have those moments.


Thanks for your input on this topic.  I will take the wait and see approach for now.



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Re: How to change login username? (new feature in MyRogers profile)

@OLDYELLR  I did make the change over from my original rogers email user name address - I had to do it through the CSR chat as I had already assigned the gmail account I wished to use as my user name as a contact address on the old account.


They were able to make the change - they created the new account using the new email address from gmail and removed the account from the old one.


Did create some problems though.


1st -Anyplace TV - the manage PVR took a while to set up, access to watch shows on anyplace TV took about a day to register. and I had to use my new username login.


NHL Centre Ice had to be reregistered with the new email address, but worked after a couple of hours again.


Biggest challenge was the forum - I wanted to keep my old user name, which it turned out can be done from the communityhelps, but you will have an odd situation - you will log into MyRogers with your new username,


But you will need to log out of My Rogers, and  log into community forum sepearately using your old username and address, after community helps reactivates it.


If you by chance click on community forums, when in your new account user name, then you will be asked to create a new user name - do not follow through on that.  Log out.  Although there has been various suggestions that this can and can't be done, it can, but there is a great risk of errors occurring.


It is not a clean solution in my experience.


I don't think I would try to make this change on my own on MyRogers, but would use support from CSR and follow-up any bugs that show up.

They did indicate that if I had used an email addres that was not already assigned afunction in my account, it should have worked, but no promises.


The model is issuing an integrated single sign in model, but it is not a well designed or clean.  Change at your own risk.



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Re: How to change login username?

How can I change my username on my Account?

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Re: How to change login username?

Hello @vidhyajesus143,


Welcome to the Community Forums!


Were you looking to change your username on or here at the Community Forums?


Please send a Private Message to @CommunityHelps so we can assist you further. For more information on our Private Message system, check out this page