Gamecenter won't play game

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I've Been Around
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Gamecenter won't play game

I recently purchased NHL GCL. I have been on hold with technical support for 54 minutes now. I got it to watch the Flames games. It just says This game is currently not available. I am furious. I payed $200 to watch flames games and it won't even work. If someone could help that would be great.


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I've Been Around
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Re: Gamecenter won't play game

I have the EXACT same problem... it keeps booting me out after 5 minutes then says my login credentials are no good... which they ARE as I signed up for gamecentre live through myrogers.... 

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Re: Gamecenter won't play game

Welcome to the Community @GCL11


Sorry to hear about the issuesSmiley Sad We'd be glad to help, can you provide us with some more details?


What city are you located in? Are you accessing from the APP or the Website? Are you able to watch any others games and have tried an alternate device?


I just tested the game on Rogers GameCentre Live for iOS and it worked.