GCL Suggestion - Period Start Push Notification

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GCL Suggestion - Period Start Push Notification

Please add a feature to the app that reminds me when each period is about to start for my team. I only see a reminder for when the game is about to start on there right now.

So many times the period will end, I'll start watching something else on TV and by the time I flip back to the game, it's already 5 minutes in.

Just give us the option for a push notification like you do for other events (scoring change, news, etc.)

They have countdown timers in NHL arenas to let you know when the next period is about to start, so it would clearly be useful for a lot of people.



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Re: GCL Suggestion - Period Start Push Notification

Greetings and welcome to our Community @jawlingmicheals!


Thanks for the suggestion! I think this would be a great addition that would be super useful for tactical channel surfing.