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Error 30111 - Cannot Access Rogers Anyplace

I've Been Around

Got this message today.


30111 : To use Rogers Anyplace TV, your MyRogers profile must be linked to an active Cable TV subscription. To check your profile, go to


I checked mergers and the TV subscription is setup.

Is anyone else having issue watching from computer?



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Re: Error 30111 - Cannot Access Rogers Anyplace

I am having the same problem and can't speak to anyone at Rogers. I used it 2 days ago with no issue

Re: Error 30111 - Cannot Access Rogers Anyplace

Yep - same here. Called in and waited more than 1/2 hour. Took my case and escalated... along with the other thousands I bet. They've got a glitch and they can't figure it out. Shameful. Service is going down. 30111 then  now 30113.. no one knows.




Re: Error 30111 - Cannot Access Rogers Anyplace

Hey @sherryryan, @goldfarb and @Darren27!


Welcome to the community!


I can appreciate wanting to get your AnyplaceTV back up and running as soon as possible! I hope that the service issue has been restored for you. If you are still experiencing issues and have not yet reached out to support please do so at your convenience so a ticket may be logged. You'll then be notified as soon as it has been rectified. Thank you for your patience.


Re: Error 30111 - Cannot Access Rogers Anyplace

I've Been Here Awhile

Did you ever get this resolved? I'm getting the same Error 30111 code when trying to log in to Anyplace TV App on my mobile. I haven't tried to access it for a number of months. I've cleared the cache, deleted and reinstalled the app; I've checked My Rogers profile and confirmed that my Ignite TV package is linked to my account. I am able to sign in to My Rogers and Ignite Hub on my phone without any problems. I waited online on the Rogers Chat for 40 minutes but gave up for an agent. Not sure what else to do.

Re: Error 30111 - Cannot Access Rogers Anyplace

I've Been Here Awhile

I was finally able to get through to an agent on Rogers Chat. It was simply that Anyplace TV only works with digital TV packages and older legacy packages. We switched to Ignite TV and there is a new mobile app that I needed to download, so all is well.

Re: Error 30111 - Cannot Access Rogers Anyplace

I've Been Around

Same issue here.  Read a reply that said it doesn't work with Ingnite tv without a mobile app...really?!  Their flagship service costing top dollar and we can't use it to stream tv on our computers...really?!  I'm starting to wonder if I made right choice to switch to Rogers.  I was able to stream tv back a month or 2 ago, so what's changed?  Like so many tech organizations, with every "upgrade", if you really want an upgrade you have to revert to an older version.  Everytime a suit or a techie gets an "bright" idea to change things, customers take a hit.

Re: Error 30111 - Cannot Access Rogers Anyplace

Good evening @myfathersson,


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!


I hope you're enjoying the Ignite TV service so far! Rogers Anyplace TV only works with Legacy cable. If you are currently subscribed to the Ignite TV service you can view content online via or via the Ignite TV App.


You can access both the platforms using your MyRogers login credentials.


Hope this helps :).





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