Data Manager Not Working!!!

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Data Manager Not Working!!!

I had set  a data limit for my daughter, and when she hit it over a week ago, I shut off her data via the MyRogers app (and confirmed via the Rogers website) , but a week later, she has managed to use another .5 GB of data. I thought she may have been able to log in and change the settings, but she says it just has been working. So I decided to try my phone line, I shut off the data to my phone via the MyRogers app. I also turned off wi-fi and bluetooth. I received a text message that my data was turned off, but I am still able to access every app on my phone that uses data.

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Re: Data Manager Not Working!!!

Hello, @Dembezuma


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I know how important it is to ensure you are able to adequately manage your data to avoid facing overage fees.


It is very strange that the Data Manager is not working properly for you. I tested it out on my account and I was unable to replicate the issue you are reporting. We'd need to take a look at how your account is set up to see if we can determine what's causing it to fail. We'd need to gather your information to get started. Please send a Private Message to @CommunityHelps and we can take a closer look. If you are not familiar with our Private messaging system please Click Here.


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