Cannot access MyRogers Account Details

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I Plan to Stick Around
Posts: 11

Re: Cannot access MyRogers Account Details

I too have issues with MyRogers.  


1)The front welcome screen shows a due date of 3 days after my actual due date on the bill (August 17 vs my real date of August 14th) .  Good way to get people to pay interested if they don't download their bill to see the correct due date.


2) I have never been able to see my payment history, it says I don't have any yet I pay montly.  


3) 50% of the time I am unable to access my account and must try again another time


The answer I get from customer service is they are working on it, this is the same answer I have gotten since March.

I'm an Advisor
Posts: 1,524

Re: Cannot access MyRogers Account Details

For the last couple of days, I can't see my account details either. Also, I can't sign into this forum without first looking at my profile. I thought that bug was squashed long ago, but apparently not. There seems to be a relationship between not getting your account details and having to go to your profile to sign in here.

I'm an Advisor
Posts: 1,524

Re: Cannot access MyRogers Account Details

My Rogers is back to normal this morning.Smiley Happy

I'm a Trusted Contributor
Posts: 766

Re: Cannot access MyRogers Account Details

Thats good to hear ...but it begs the question .... if you step outside the parameters of your plan Rogers will not hesitate to charge you, do you get a credit for this failure and inconvenience on their part ?    Smiley LOL

I've Been Here Awhile
Posts: 3

Re: Cannot access MyRogers Account Details

Same here, I am really aggravated, I placed many calls and online chats, this is incredible, they only pretend to help I hope the governament area in charge of these issues is watching

I Plan to Stick Around
Posts: 13

Re: Cannot access MyRogers Account Details

I'm also a disappointed customer, cannot see my usage for 6 days with anyone in Rogers, including phone customer service rep. & live chat people, and my online service didn't work... however, Best Buy salesperson made miracle! They can tell me my usage in just less than one minute, do you think it is amazing?!!! And I don't know what Rogers' staffs are doing... or they just simply didn't want to tell me?

I'm a Trusted Contributor
Posts: 766

Re: Cannot access MyRogers Account Details

I have really started to wonder if competitive companies  don't hire saboteurs to infiltrate the customer service divisions of other companies  to encourage the reputation of poor service ... it' is the only logical explanation for how they can do so poorly on some occaisions. Smiley Wink

I'm a Senior Contributor
Posts: 152

Re: Cannot access MyRogers Account Details

I am having the same progrem as others accessing my account information. When I sign on, I get the following message:


"Sorry, we’re unable to retrieve your services details at the moment. Please chat with a Care Representative for assistance."


The URL is ""


I did Chat with a Care Representative, who reset my password (to no effect) and said he would open a "case".


The same problem occurs under Chrome, Firefox and Safari on OS X 10.10.4 and Firefox and IE 11 on Windows 7, so it is not a browser issue and it has happening to others since May.


As a result, I cannot see my bill, check my internet usage, or top up my paygo phone.


From previous postings, I see that some have had a quicker response by posting here and working through @CommunityHelps.  Please PM me if you need further details.

I've Been Around
Posts: 1

Re: Cannot access MyRogers Account Details

Same problem here. Can't acces MyRogers and pay my bills. Really tired of this. What's more, i tried chatting with an employee yesterday but he didn't understand a thing of what i was saying (in french) and even once i started speaking in english, he still couldn't understand me, not to mention he kept closing and reopening the chat session for some reason. I mean, how can he help me with this problem when we have crappy communications like that.

Posts: 2,116

Re: Cannot access MyRogers Account Details

Good day @LeHarfang,


Welcome to the Forums and Thank you for your post! Smiley Wink


Several factors can cause a chat session to disconnect and reconnect. However, I highly doubt that the agent you were speaking with, intentionally closed a chat session as it would have terminated the conversation.

We apologize for the poor experience.


We certainly understand the inconveniences of this situation and we would like to look into this further!

Since this issue seems particular to your account, we would have to reach out to you via Private Message.


I will be contacting you from @CommunityHelps. Look out for the message in your inbox! Smiley Happy



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