Cannot access MyRogers Account Details

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Retired Moderator RogersSannecia
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Re: Cannot access MyRogers Account Details

Hello @ nhisilebo


Thank you for your post and Welcome to the Forums.


I can certainly understand the inconveniences of not having access to your MyRogers Account details.


We’d liked to help in getting your issue resolved. Please send out a private message via @CommunityHelps the next time you are online and we can look into your situation further.


Looking forward to your response.



I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Cannot access MyRogers Account Details

I find it funny when I see a message from a Rogers person in here asking "oh next time your online please private message blahblahblah such and such.  Why not fix the problem for all of us instead of just offering to help those who just happen to complain in these forums.  How many other people who may not even know this forum exists are having the same issues.  Rogers! Fix this for all of us! Not just the select few that you deem worthy of fixing their problems.

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Cannot access MyRogers Account Details

The honourable and helpful thing to do to would be to post or tweet a general update so that everyone affected knows this is being worked on and whatever estimate there is to address the issue. (Note I'm not asking for a fix on an impossible or unrealistic timeline, just an update).


Also - while none of us are asking for perfection, some honesty and respect in acknowlodging the problem and giving an ETA would go a long way to reassuring us all that Rogers (who in my opinion are generally a great company with great products) actually care about the customer and are willing to forthrightly engage.




I'm Here A Lot
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Re: Cannot access MyRogers Account Details

I agree, Hopetindall, and I finally received an honest update from a customer rep on the phone last night. He acknowledged that this problem is more widespread than they originally thought and probably had something to do with the recent account migrations. He's been told that a fix can be expected in 5-10 business days. I think that's way too long but, like you, I at least appreciate that we're finally getting updated on the problem.

I Plan to Stick Around
Posts: 80

Re: Cannot access MyRogers Account Details



Agreed. Even if things take longer than 10 days (and I hear from a trusted source it's possible it might for some folks) - then transparency with an honest effort can cure many ills.


At least I'm not as angry as I was towards the end of last week.  😉   For some of the weekend I was seriously looking at just cancelling and moving to Public Mobile/Telus (even though I'll readily admit their network isn't as good imho).



I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Cannot access MyRogers Account Details

its been now two weeks for me.    i changed userid to my email back in Nov i believe as i was prompted to do so.    i could still access myrogers online AND the rogers app still was working fine on the phone.


then POOF!  About two weeks ago all of a sudden i was hit with "we noticed you do not have an account linked with this profile...... please link.....etc"  and when i do,  it says there is already an account linked.   and it just loops.

that same day, the myrogers app on my phone started displaying "we're having some difficulties....cannot display your details right now... try later"


no doubt 1000's are affected.     would be nice for something that was mentioned above about a public notice on the website about this 'outage'.


i really would like to see my bill and its details and my usage instead of just some $ amount that is emailed.

getting annoying that weeks and weeks have gone by with no update or not one single person (Rogers) has come up with a solution or an update that is valid enough for any HINT of progress,  OR validating there is an outage.

I'm Here A Lot
Posts: 6

Re: Cannot access MyRogers Account Details

BTW, I forgot to mention that during my conversation with the Rogers rep, I learned that Rogers is no longer charging $2 a month for paper bills. So maybe the solution for some is to simply call them up and request a paper bill. 

I've Been Around
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Re: Cannot access MyRogers Account Details

same problem here


i have 2 number with rogers, 1 monthly payment and 2nd pay as you go which my wife use it.

this year i was able to login to myrogers and choose the account that i want to check.

it was working great, i was able to download and print bills for company expenses. but last week, i was only able to get into my pay as you go account. Unable to choose account, like only one account was in myrogers profile.

but i tried to link the account again but keep getting This account is link already.

contacted live chat. they said they will look into it

but one week later still nothing.

even my iphone rogers app cant get into my account to check my data usage.


i am surprise that we did not hear this problem from the news. i guess it is not everyone has this problem

if this was goverment company, i am sure it would be in the news for sure.


i have been a customer with rogers for at least 15 years, never complaint in the past. this is the first time

if they cant fix this before the new year. maybe it is time for change.



I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Cannot access MyRogers Account Details

I have a similar problem where I cannot log into MyRogers but the account is still there. When I try to log in, it asked me to link the accounts meaning my Wireless and my recently added Rogers hi speed internet from switching from Bell.I have a Rogers Yahoo Mail account that works fine on my iPad Mac and iPhone.they told me it would take about 2 weeks to reset.I was on a chat tonight and was told an email would be sent with a 4 digit code and a form to fill out,but I never got it.I was on ebilling,so now to be sure I pay my bill,I will have to call for the amount if this isn' fixed soon.Have you heard of accounts getting corrupted from trying to link accounts?

I Plan to Stick Around
Posts: 13

Re: Cannot access MyRogers Account Details

I paid what my email said my bill was.  I hope that Rogers actually applies this to my account.  I know that that's wishful thinking.  I'm willing to bet that I'll have some extra fees on my next bill. I still can't see my usage, so i turned off my mobile data.  It's funny because I had changed my plan to up my usage amount.  Ironically I won't be using it.

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