Cannot access MyRogers Account Details

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Re: Cannot access MyRogers Account Details

Hello Alicia,

I have had the same problem for months

Please PM me too so the problem can be fixed



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Re: Cannot access MyRogers Account Details

roxandtreez wrote:

@barndoor  I am not sure that anyone is sure yet what the cause is.  For the problem that started a few months ago, I had a theory that it was caused by having more than 4 services linked to your account.  I had 5 services: Cable/Intenet, a grandfathered Long-distance plan, and 3 paygo cell phones.  One of the paygo phones had not been used in over a year because we bought a SIM card for an old cell phone so my father would have a phone for emergency purposes when he was travelling and have not had to reload minutes.


Community Helps deleted the third paygo phone from my account and I was able to sign on.  However, I should still have been able to put minutes on that third phone and use it, so I didn't see this as the cause of the problem.  I asked them to check with the developers whether the pop-up page that shows your accounts (and only has space for 4 accounts) could be causing the issue, but have never had a response.


I am also having many problems with sign-on to and posting in the forums.  The easiest solution I have found is to use Firefox and delete all cookies associated with Rogers.  With Firefox, there is an option to search for all cookies with "rogers" in the name.  If you highlight all the cookies and "Delete Selected" it will only delete the Rogers cookies (for MyRogers, communityforums, advertising, manage PVR and the load balancing servers) and this has helped me get around the issues.  The only downside is that I keep getting the popup requesting I do a survey because with no cookies, it doesn't know that I did a survey last week.


So if you know you have 5 or more services on your account, choose what can be removed to get you down to 4 and ask CommunityHelps to delete the others.  See if that helps.  If not try deleting your cookies and clearing the cache.  If that does not help, then I haven't seen any other solutions.



@roxandtreez... I was having issues  with signing in here .. but for some reason  it has been working fine lately(knock on wood). Not even sure what I did to fix it other than a lot of whining here . Smiley LOL


I guess I find it irritating when someone says they have a problem  ... the mods come along and take it to Community Helps  resolve the issue and then don't bother to share the solution ... in some cases I expect there are privacy issues but I'm sure there are ways to get around that and make a generalized comment if they wanted to.


Two other issues that have worked for other issues and may apply here for some   would be screen zoom can throw things out of whack ... zoom in some cases needs to  be at 75- 100% more ... I zoom once I get on the page so I can actually read it. 

The other issue that was coming into play seemed to be pop up blockers. That seemed to be only for the print/PDF option on my cell phone plan page(it works fine on the pay as you go page if you can figure that one out) but I have no idea what effect the blockers may have for others with different browsers or different pop up protection .


As I've said before I don't understand why other companies can do it but Rogers can't, but maybe it has something to do with the amount of data that needs to be transferred or something .... Rogers pages take way longer to transfer than those from other companies it seems ,for me anyway.





Retired Moderator RogersAliciaG
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Re: Cannot access MyRogers Account Details


Hey everyone,


while we do our best to share as much information publicly.

There are some things we can only explain in PM as it directly relates to an individuals account.


Thank you for your understanding. 


Best Regards,


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Re: Cannot access MyRogers Account Details



I have been unable to access any information in MyRogers for several weeks as well.  I cannot access any account info, or even access my profile.  Obviously unable to monitor usage and have gone over resulting in significant overages on my bills.  Can someone PLEASE help?



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Re: Cannot access MyRogers Account Details

I finally solved it for good.   Moved $5000/yr cell phone plan to bell; a company that I despise.   Somewhere there is a lesson here, but I doubt it will be realized.

Retired Moderator RogersAliciaG
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Re: Cannot access MyRogers Account Details

Hi @dysonj


We would like to help you get back into your MyRogers Profile. 

I will have a Team member from @CommunityHelps reach out to you via PM




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Re: Cannot access MyRogers Account Details

I just found something that might help with the sign-on process.  I don't know if it is a new feature or if I just hadn't been lucky enough to hit it before.


Usually when I sign out from MyRogers, I am on the main page because I usually sign out from the Community Forums.  By chance, yesterday I signed back in and checked my internet usage then signed out.  When I signed back in, it took me directly to my internet usage, and bypassed the popup that lists your accounts where you have to choose one.  I tried it again today and it still works.  This streamlines the sign-on process.  Of course it doesn't help anyone who can't sign on at all.

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Re: Cannot access MyRogers Account Details

@roxandtreez For a long time I was getting this popup where I had to choose my cable or cellphone account before I could proceed after signing in, even though it made no difference. Then it disappeared for a few days, came back for a couple of days, and now it's gone again.  But something else weird has happened. When I open My Rogers in another tab and want to see my PayGo cellphone transactions, I choose my cellphone account from the dropdown. If I don't get the old page showing that, I would click PROFILE and then Bills & Payments, and I could get it. Now the profile page is different, a large graphical page instead of the text page I got before and I can't get to Bills & Payments that showed my PayGo transaction history.


A small detail, what I'm getting is "BILLING & PAYMENT" not "BILLS & PAYMENTS" I'd get before, slightly different spelling.  Then I went back to Account Overview and I got a strange page with stuff missing. Next I got the popup to choose between 2 accounts, but they were both my cable account number. I clicked one and the tab closed! So just now I opened My Rogers in a tab again and went through the same routine and now I have my old PayGo bill summary with transaction history! I just can't keep up with this crap anymore. They really should go back to square one and fix things instead of putting patches on top of patches on top of patches. Ther must now be many millions of lines of code on the Rogers site.

SA8300HD, SA8300SD, DTA50, LG-E410B PayGo. Location: S-W Ontario
I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Cannot access MyRogers Account Details

I am a new customer with only 1 service (internet) and have never been able to do anything in "MY ROGERS" except see my profile.


I have used 3 browsers, each had no cookies to start with so cookies are not the issue, browsers are not the issue, username/password is not the issue, number of services is not the issue....

I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Cannot access MyRogers Account Details

After last post, I was contacted by the Communityhelps team, and after a couple of PM's back & forth to get account info, they were able to solve the issue.  Turns out it was a similar issue to what others had posted; an old expired account linked to my profile.  Many thanks to the CommunityHelps team!

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