Can't pay my bill.

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Re: Can't pay my bill.

Recently (ie. the past 2 months), I can't seem to be able to get MyRogers to take my Amex card, though MC and Visa both work.

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Re: Can't pay my bill.

Good day @jasonchan,


Welcome to the forums and Thank you for your post!


We can understand the inconveniences of not being able to make a payment on our website.


You can use a valid Canadian issued VISA, MasterCard, or American Express credit card to:

    • Pay the bill online
    • Make a one-time payment
    • Register for monthly automatic credit card payments

If you receive a “Declined” message, please refer to your credit card company
If you receive an error message referring to "System Problems", please contact Live Chat


  • What type of error message were you getting?

Did you know you could make a one time payment, through our automated system, without speaking to an agent, using the self-serve option!? Simply dial 1-888-ROGERS1 !


Let us know if you need further assistance or if you have any other question Smiley Wink



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Re: Can't pay my bill.

I try to link my account to pay online but it always states enter a valid 9 to 12 digit account number ansd so I cannot pay online

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Re: Can't pay my bill.

Assuming you are trying to set this up on your BANKs website?

What entry are you trying to enter it in under?

On some, you need to need to enter it in under a specific entry vs another. (eg if you dont have home phone or cell it can be under rogers cable, but if you have cell or home, its rogers wireless)

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Re: Can't pay my bill.

I also have not been able to pay my last few bills online by credit card.

I get the error "Sorry, that credit card number isn't valid. Please try again." and I've tried many different cards and they ARE all valid.

I had to do the live chat where I was redirected to a different page where I was able to pay be credit card.


I can't be the only one having this problem.

What's going on?
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Re: Can't pay my bill.

Welcome to the Community @smeagol


I haven't heard of that particular issue. Is anyone in the Community experiencing the same thing?


Also, has a case been submitted to the back-end team for further review?



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Re: Can't pay my bill.

your site is crap .your service is crap. you took away IFC CHANNEL THERE WAS NOTHING TO WATCH ON IT .NEVER GAVE ME ANYTHING FOR IT OR REDUCED MY BILL.NOW IFC IS PLAYING ALL KINDS OF MOVIES AND IF I WANT IT BACK NOW I HAVE TO PAY FOR IT.WHEN IT WAS ALREADY A PART OF MY PACKAGE. your own web page never works .today your server was down again..SURPRISE .SURPISE. now after finally getting your site .it wont let me pay my bill.
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Re: Can't pay my bill.

Hello @davidmcdonald98,


I'm sorry you feel this way and apologize for all the issues you are having. IFC is included in certain channel packages and if you'd like, we can have a look into your account to see what options are available in order for you to get that channel. What issue are you having with paying your bill? Please explain so we can further assist. 




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Re: Can't pay my bill.

After having paid my Rogers bill by credit card online for the last 3 years or so, it stopped working for me about 3 months ago. The problem is that when I go to the credit card payment page, the field for entering my 16- digit credit card number doesn't show up to the left of the 3 greyed out credit card symbols. I'm using IE Explorer Version 11.0.9600.18124 on Windows 7. I also tried using my wife's laptop running the latest version of IE Explorer on Windows 8.1 and the same problem persists. That's quite a coincidence.

I called Rogers to report my problem and no solution was found. I called again after a month (hoping that Rogers discovered the problem) and was assigned a C.I. number. Six more weeks have gone by without a solution. I called a couple of days ago and was told that the only way for Rogers to resolve this is to start an online support chat and give Rogers permission to get into my computer. I don't want to allow this. The other solution that was suggested by Rogers is the old and tired try a different browser like Chrome or Firefox. Don't want to do that either. Surely it can't be that hard to figure out that if I'm having the same problem on two different computers then it can't be a hardware problem. It has to be a browser related problem or maybe an IP address specific problem. Anybody have any suggestions?

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Re: Can't pay my bill.

@fourone wrote:
I called a couple of days ago and was told that the only way for Rogers to resolve this is to start an online support chat and give Rogers permission to get into my computer. I don't want to allow this.


That is absolute baloney. Don't ever let anyone do that.  As for trying different browsers or deleting cookies, you really should not need to do that with a properly designed website. You don't have to do it with online banking or any other website. It's Rogers' problem, not yours.

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