Can't log onto NHL app on Roku 2 or Apple tv (3rd gen)

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Can't log onto NHL app on Roku 2 or Apple tv (3rd gen)

I have logged on successfully to NHl gamecenter on PC, smartphone, iphone, ipad, by selecting the option to login via myrogers account. However, there is no option on the NHL app on Roku or Apple TV to allow me to login in. I enter myrogers credentials in the NHL app and is says invalid.


Is there a specifc way to set up the apple tv or roku? The apple tv doesn't let you reinstall apps, it lets you hide or show them, that's it.


Does anyone in ontario use either of these devices to view NHL gamecenter. I got a free subscription for the rest of this season and I may consider purchasing it next season, but if I can't get it to work on the Roku or Apple tv, I won't.





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Re: Can't log onto NHL app on Roku 2 or Apple tv (3rd gen)

Good afternoon @farrsolo ,


Thank you for your post and welcome to the forums! Robot Very Happy


I am sorry that you are having a hard time accessing Rogers NHL GameCentre LIVE™ from the Roku and Apple TV platforms.


The Gaming consoles and set-top boxes that are compatible are : Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Roku and Apple TV. The platforms you are wishing to access GCL on are in fact compatible.


You would normally go to your device’s app store and download and install the NHL App. Only smartphones, tablets and consoles need the app as Apple TV has it auto installed, you just have to make sure it’s not hidden in your display preferences).


We would like to help you resolve this situation. Since you are able to log in from your PC, smartphone, iPhone and iPad we can definitely assume that this isn't related to your account.


Stay Tuned - We will provide further troubleshooting steps for these platforms shortly !


Hope this helps!




Rogers Employee Smacs
Rogers Employee
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Re: Can't log onto NHL app on Roku 2 or Apple tv (3rd gen)

Hi @farrsolo - I've not used RoKu, but on Apple TV, you enter your MyRogers login in the Settings screen within the NHL App, and I believe there is a similar screen on RoKu. Give that a try, and in the meantime, we'll see if we can get more specific guidance for you on RoKu.



Scott MacMillan
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Re: Can't log onto NHL app on Roku 2 or Apple tv (3rd gen)



I believe it is the same steps as outlined in the Troubleshoot Login issues here:


You login to Rogers NHL GameCentre LIVE from outside Canada and can’t see Rogers content in the NHL App.

  • In the NHL app, go to Settings > Preferences (iOS) or Settings (Android), and select Rogers Sign In.
  • Log in using your MyRogers credentials.
  • Once logged in, you will have access to the same features as if in Canada.



Update: Here are some pictures of what it looks like on Apple TV

(Tested on Apple TV Gen 2 and A1469 for Apple TV 3rd genRev A)


medium.png IMG_0328.jpg

IMG_0330.jpg IMG_0331.jpg


I'm Here A Lot
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Re: Can't log onto NHL app on Roku 2 or Apple tv (3rd gen)

Your post doesn't really show me anything that I have tried already. By looking at your screenshot, there a some difference between your screens and mine. I did mention in the title that I was trying to login via Apple Tv 3rg Gen. I ahve my apple tv set up to Canada Region, however this changes nothing.


Also where your bottom left pic, where is says enter in myrogers info, mine says enter in NHL gamecenter login, not myrogers information as I stated in the opening post.


So to clarify, you can not log into NHL Gamecenter using myrogers login credentials.  This I found out on my iPad, iPhone, PC and android devices. The NHL app on all these devices listed has a section to log in via myrogers instead of NHL account.


Now going back to Roku and Apple tv 3rd Gen, there is NO option to login via myrogers credentials, only option to login in via NHL gamecenter.


Now I am sure there is some settings that need to be adjusted, however, I don't know what else to change. the region of the devices is Canadian. There is no option to re-install these apps as these are preset channels/apps on the devices. Any ideas now?




EDIT - I can't seem to insert images, I know that some forums have a post limit before allowing full priviledges (new member) , or maybe I just missed it. Those help explain alot of things easier.

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Re: Can't log onto NHL app on Roku 2 or Apple tv (3rd gen)

Hi @farrsolo 


We have tested GCL on the A1469 for Apple TV 3rd generation. The login process is identical to the previous screenshots provided. Which model of Apple TV do you currently have? There is the A1427 for Apple TV and the A1469 for Apple TV.


As you’ve already confirmed the device is on the Canadian setting:


  • Do you have a modified DNS code for the US/other country?
  • What software version are you using?
  • Is it possible to include screenshots of what you see on TV?


Also we are in the midst of getting some more information on Roku 2. Hope to provide you with an update soon.


Thank you for letting us know.



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Re: Can't log onto NHL app on Roku 2 or Apple tv (3rd gen)

I have a paid Gamecentre subscription that works on in my web browser on my PC, and on my iPad, but when I log into the NHL Roku app my account isn't properly linked.


Someone please help me get this fixed!



Retired Moderator RogersPrasana
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Re: Can't log onto NHL app on Roku 2 or Apple tv (3rd gen)

Hi @EhEmGee


Welcome to the Community Forums.


We can definitely look into your GameCentre LIVE subscription on Roku, send us a private message to @CommunityHelps next time you're online.




I've Been Around
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Re: Can't log onto NHL app on Roku 2 or Apple tv (3rd gen)

Gamecenter on roku 3 requires desktop login first


I use Roku 3 to watch gamecenter when I'm out of Canada.  For a while now if I try to watch a game on the Roku app it initially tells me that my account doesn't allow access to the feed (or something like that) and gives me an option to login with another account.  If I go to my laptop on the same network and login it allows me through to the game video feed with no issues.  When I then go to the Roku app it lets me access the video feed without problems.  Has been going like this for a couple of months now.  Anybody have any idea why this would happen?

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Re: Can't log onto NHL app on Roku 2 or Apple tv (3rd gen)

Hi @dkon1000


Is your Roku fully up to date? Have you attempted to reinstall the app on the device as of yet? 



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