[Bug Report] Unable to enter credit card number

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[Bug Report] Unable to enter credit card number

I just had a very strange issue with the MyRogers. I had to log out and back in to fix it... (it is fixed now).

When I logged in, I was presented with the MyRogers account information and clicked the button to Make a Payment on my internet. When I did, the form loaded with the billing information as usual, with one exception: the form area where I would enter my actual credit card number was missing. Reloading the page/form did nothing, until I logged out and back in.


I think I may have logged into the Small Business MyRogers page first, after clicking the wrong link. When I loaded the normal MyRogers page, I had the issue above. I believe this is an issue with a CSS or site layout not refreshing, but I've never encountered it before on any site.


Here's a screenshot 🙂






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Re: [Bug Report] Unable to enter credit card number

Hello @Omanoctoa,


Welcome to the Community Forums!


Thank you for the feed back. Has anybody else in the Community experience this same issue? At this time we haven't had any other complaints regarding this. 


Can you keep an eye on it for now and keep us posted if it becomes an on-going issue?


Appreciate the heads up :).