Billed Usage Details - Message Bundle

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Billed Usage Details - Message Bundle

On the Rogers app, on the text screen it has a heading Bundles messages  - and reports My usage and a number. The number is not the total text messages I have sent, it is a subset, do we know what it is reporting?


On the Rogers bill under talk, in the to column it lists an item as Mobile Msg, what is this?




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Re: Billed Usage Details - Message Bundle

Good evening @Stay96,


Welcome to the Rogers Community and thank you for your post!

Making sure you understand your invoice is really important. We definitely want to help you shed some light on this.


Most plans include unlimited SMS (received and sent text messages). You’ll see the details of your SMS usage in the My Wireless Usage category, under "TEXT".

There are actually two sections:


The "Bundles Messages" would therefore refer to regular SMS containing only text content.


The total combined would be under "My Usage". However, don't forget that messages are typically limited to 160 characters. Each divided text message sent will count as one. 


Also, keep in mind that in the "My Usage" section, is not the billed amount that is on your latest bill. It is the amount of SMS usage you've used since the beginning of your billing cycle.


Regarding the "Mobile Msg" item you listed, is there a charge for it?


It is sometimes displayed differently, but is it possible that you retrieved your voicemail from your device?

That would correspond to holding the "1" from your cellphone, to dial in to your voice messaging system.


Hope this helps 😉 - Let us know if you have any other questions!