AnyPlace TV Login Error: 30112

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AnyPlace TV Login Error: 30112



Iam getting an error 30112 : Sorry we are having trouble signing you in. Please try again.

I see TV when I sign into myRogers account under the Usage&services tab. The rep on the phone also confirmed with me that TV is linked to my profile.

Tried to access it on a Windows 10 computer, Windows 7 Computer, iPhone app, Android app, they all give same error code.

Browsers I tried are Microsoft Edge 44.17763.1.0, Google Chrome Version 75.0.3770.100

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Re: AnyPlace TV Login Error: 30112

I use AnyPlace mostly to search for programming since I don't watch on the "small screen".  As an experiment, on my iPad, I'm having difficulty viewing certain channels - mostly the US ones.  I get the message "Sorry! This content can only be viewed on your Rogers Home Internet network".   I am obviously on that network and I can view about 1/2 the channels - like CBC, Global, City, CTV, but I cannot view YES, CBS, NBC, ABC,   It's not a hard and fast Canadian/US issue because I can't view CHCH.  I have the latest 13.1.0 version.


On AnyPlace on my (Chrome) browser I can view all the channels, so it doesn't appear to be an "account" issue...


Very Strange.

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Re: AnyPlace TV Login Error: 30112

Hello @Andrew86,


Thanks so much for providing the answers to our questions!


We definitely want to get to the bottom of this for you. We'll need to review the notes on your file to see that is going on with the case that was escalated for you. Please send a Private Message to @CommunityHelps so we can pull up your information and get started


If you are not familiar with our Private messaging system please Click Here.



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Re: AnyPlace TV Login Error: 30112

Hi there, I have been trying to get this issue resolved through customer service for well over a year now. Every time I log into Anyplace TV I get the error code 30112. Does anyone know anything about this error code or had similar issues? I would really like to use this service. 

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Re: AnyPlace TV Login Error: 30112

Good evening @heyastef,


Welcome to the Community!


I can imagine how inconvenient an year long issue can be. I know you mentioned that you've spoken to customer service about this in the past. Have you had a chance to get in touch with our tech support team and have a ticket opened for investigation?