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Mêmes services chargés plusieurs fois

J'ai fait le tour

I have a $ 85 package and I paid $ 350 for the cellphone when I left. But the first month I receive an invoice of more than $ 1300. When I consult the detail I notice that I have been charged several times the same package as if I changed the package every 5 days. I was charged several times with the 911 municipality tax as if I had changed residence and city several times. I was charged my data overrun 2 times as if I had been able to overcome with the same cell phone on two different lines the same number of data at the same time while I only have one line. I do not understand the story and honestly, it's my first time with Rogers and it starts rather badly. I seem to credit myself with the services that, Some days later I was charged without my consent. I will need explanations and it presses if you do not want me to contact the Press. In addition I am with you because my company belongs to Power Corporation and I had a discount on 30% package and a 30% cellular discount as well. And after only 25 days of use, it's rather a 15-fold increase in the price of the package. In addition I am told to have joined the direct debit as payment type and I have never accepted, nor allowed and even less activated myself this option of payments. I hope with all my heart that you will have a solution because I promise you that I would not have slept at 6:00 am to spoil my weekend to see one.


Re: Mêmes services chargés plusieurs fois


Bonjour @Kadmos,


Bienvenue dans la communauté.


Je peux certainement comprendre l'impact d'une facture élevée. Je tiens à vous informer que la première facture est habituellement plus élevée que les frais réguliers. Il comprend des frais partiels, tous les frais d'appareil applicables, ainsi que les frais de connexion. En outre, il comprend également des frais réguliers pour un mois à l'avance. Nous aurons une meilleure compréhension des frais une fois que nous examinerons la facture pour vous. Nous serons ravis de regarder votre compte, contactez-nous via PM @CommunityHelps afin que nous puissions vous aider davantage.


Je vous remercie




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