configuring Rocket stick with router.

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configuring Rocket stick with router.

I'm trying to configure the rocket stick to work my computer and a wireless router + a couple other computers. What I'd like to do is have the following configuration:


Rogers USB Stick + Computer A ---- Router  ------- Computer B

                                           ------- Computer C

                                           ------- Computer D




Essentially I just want the router to act as a switch. Computers A, B, C, D  are plugged into  the LAN ports of the router. Computer A has two internet connections:  (1)  to the Roger's modem and (2) for the router. I've tried setting up internet connection sharing on the Roger's connection (1) and using the LAN address of Computer A as the gateway address for B,C,D. I've turned off DHCP on the router and assigned static IPs for the LAN addresses of A,B,C,D. I've also reconfigured the router to have the following IP adddress: ICS says that A should have as address when ICS is turned on. No luck. Am I missing something ? Should A be plugged into the WAN port? Is there an alternative configuration Any ideas?






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Re: configuring Rocket stick with router.

I would have the internetsharing setup on the Computer A like you have done. Then I would plug Computer A into the WAN port of the router. I would leave DHCP on on the router and computers B C and D.

You would have to statically set the ipAddress on Computer A's LAN port.. Probably something like Then have the router using the 192.168.0.x range to the internal computers... This should get your internet connection shared.

Unfortunately in this config you will not be able to see computer A from computers BCD but at least you will have internet.
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Re: configuring Rocket stick with router.



Was the solution Chris provided helpful?

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Re: configuring Rocket stick with router.

Rocket Stick Sharing




I am currently using a Rocket Stick with a single laptop at home, but would like to have several laptops share the Rocket Stick via a WIFI router for internet access. That is plugging the Rocket Stick into the USB port of the router. Is this a possible configuration or do I need to buy a Rocket Hub ?






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Re: configuring Rocket stick with router.

Hi @dougplowden,



Thank You for your post and Welcome to the forums. Smiley Happy


I understand you're looking to have your USB Rocket Stick provide Internet through a router. As long as this is a feature of the router it shouldn't be a problem, the user manual for the router should give you the required setup information you need. However if this is not one of the routers main features, I would suggest you use the information from our Community Forums 'SOLUTION' section above, provided by one of our Residents Expert @Chris.

Please keep in mind we don't guarantee service when using custom settings or going through other devices for Internet. However we're glad you chose the Community Forums to find a solution, so your new family will definitely try our best.


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