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ZTE MF279T Reboots Randomly

I've been around

 Hi guys,

I just recently started using my MF279T which we bought outright almost two years ago now.  We used it for a while but the pricing was ridiculous so we quit using it and have instead just suffered through using our <1mbps satellite internet service.


I just recently got a new plan cell plan with Rogers and it has a lot of Data.  I added a Tablet SIM to my plan and put that in the ZTE MF279T.  The problem I'm running into now is the device reboots intermittently, and it always seems its when I'm in the middle of a Zoom call or something.  I don't remember if it always did this when we used it before or if it is a new thing.

I've tried factory resetting the device, and leaving all the settings default but even still it does this.  Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this and what to do to fix it?  Its software is up-to-date.   I also contacted ZTE for the non-rogers flavoured firmware but I guess this device was specialty built for Rogers and Telus with independent firmware.  There is so little information inside the device so debugging is quite difficult.


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Re: ZTE MF279T Reboots Randomly

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Hey @willston!


Welcome to the community! 


Sorry to hear you're having an issue with your mobile internet hub. We'd be happy to assist in identifying what's going on for you. Just a few questions to start so we can get a better idea of the situation.


  • Have you contacted Rogers technical support yet regarding the issue?
  • Have you advised them that you're using a sim card intended for a tablet?
  • When the device reboots is it hot/warmer than usual to the touch?
  • When did this issue first start?
  • Are the reboot intervals random? Or relatively consistent?






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