ZTE MF275R Rocket with Xbox - have issues

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ZTE MF275R Rocket with Xbox - have issues

I have two ZTE MF275R Rocket Hubs and when they are out on the road the Xbox that's connected to them sometimes wont allow an online connection. Microsoft reports that 'too many connections' have been made and disables my account. Big pain to go and reset it... every single time 😞


Is there a way to get around this problem? Seems to me that it might be an IP thing? Or...?


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Re: ZTE MF275R Rocket with Xbox - have issues

That personally would be my guess.

Since they are cellular, they dont have any where near a close to static IP address.

Staying on even one tower (location not moving), the IP can change fairly often, even more so if its changing/hopping between towers.

Might be causing the lockout, since it sees it jumping from potentially a bunch of different 'locations'