ZTE MF271 port forwarding

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I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: ZTE MF271 port forwarding

@B0bD, you got it.



I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: ZTE MF271 port forwarding

Well, I am progressing.

I had Rogers set up a public IP, so the IP on the router and the "what is my IP" match.

I set up one port forward ( to my computer) with a range of 21-45000, and I can see port 21 using a web port checker.

But I cannot see any other ports.

I set up one port associated with my solar charger, which I know is listeneing, and that port isn't seen with the port checker.


Not sure what to try next.

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: ZTE MF271 port forwarding

FTP is a tricky protocol for port forwarding.   See http://slacksite.com/other/ftp.html for a description of the challenges.   I suggest that you get the other devices working first before you tackle FTP.    Google "ftp port forwarding" for more information.


First, create an inventory of the devices on your internal network that you want to connect to externally including the IP addresses (preferably static) and the port that each is listening on.


Let's assume that all your devices are accessed via websites listening on port 80.   Let's use DEVICEA, DEVICEB, DEVICEC to represent their internal IP addresses and RH to represent the external IP address of the RocketHub.


Because we have three devices listening on the same port on the internal network, we'll have to use alternate ports on the RH's external address.    The port forward mapping would look like this:


    RH:80 --> DEVICEA:80

    RH:81 --> DEVICEB:80

    RH:82 --> DEVICEC:80


From an external client, you would access these three devices with the URLs:







I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: ZTE MF271 port forwarding

Yeah, I have set aside the FTP, all I need to do is access IP cameras and one other device.

Alternatively I can set up a VPN and access things that way.

In either case I need to be able to open ports.


My configuration is a ZTE MF271 hub, with a switch pugged inot the 271's single ethernet port, with my computers and devices plugged into the switch.

I am working on a single port. to a device with a static IP

I previously forwarded this port through a Bell Turbo hub, so I know it works.

I know that the external IP will change from time to time, so before I test the port, I check that the IP registered on the 271 matches what I get from "what is my IP".

Yesterday I found that port 21 was open for a while, but nothing else was.  Later, and today, port 21 is also closed.

I can connect to the device over my lan, using its statip IP and port 502.

When I try to set up another connection using my external Ip and port 502, the device cannot be found.

I am assuming this is because the port is not being forwarded.

I can't figure out how to post a screen shot, but on the port forwarding tab there are the following:

IP address:  i use the static IP of the device, in this case

Port range: I enter 502 to 502

protocol: TCP+UDP

comment - a name

This information then appears in a summary: "Virtual Servers in System"


The above is so simple I don't think I am messing that up.


Then I go to one of the port checking web tools and find that 502 is closed.


VERY frustrating.

Any suggestions?






I've Been Around
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Re: ZTE MF271 port forwarding

I'm having a simular issue with the unit and have found that ZTE is useless to talk to. Everything is fine on the unit, but we are unable to get the port forwarding working. The static IP dosn't seem to help with the port forwarding either.



I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: ZTE MF271 port forwarding

I have given up.

Instead of what should be simple port forwarding of somew cameras, I have decided to install a small coputer at the site  wish to monitor, and thden use Teamviewer software to remotely take over control of the computer and do what I need to .

There are probably some security concerns, and I would have preferred to not have a computer runing full time at the site, but it appears to me that the MF1271 and the HUB service will not work.

Pity - I used Bell last year for the same thing without all these issues.


Thanks to all for the thoughtful suggestions


I've Been Around
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Re: ZTE MF271 port forwarding

I am trying to set up a NVR for remote access I have done the following 


1. Static IP in the NVR

2. Added port 7000 in the rocket hub and pointed it at my static TCP/UDP (

3. In NVR gateway, Static, Subnet mask, DNS

4. Turn on virtual server in rocket hub this allows port forwarding 


I check with open port pool says close, I can not see me NVR from the public


On the local LAN if it type in the NVR does show 


Any suggestions 


Can Ping the from local LAN 



I've Been Around
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Re: ZTE MF271 port forwarding

I have the exact same issue.
Open all ports to view dvr for cameras and not working.
Did you find a solution?
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Re: ZTE MF271 port forwarding

Hi @festerles!


This is an unsupported issue from our end so hopefully one of our astute members here can help you along the way to a solution 🙂


Are there any Community members out there that can help @festerles?






I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: ZTE MF271 port forwarding

I bought a ZTE due to my slow internet options at our cottage. If I connect to the DSL my ftp works. If I connect to the hub, it won't connect.