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Using the MF271 as a modem with an external router

I've Been Around

Hi everyone,


I've been trying to set up my rocket hub (MF271) as a modem and then use an external router to broadcast the signal with a better range than the MF271's built in one. But I can't seem to get it to work. When I plug the ethernet cable directly into the d-link router i can't seem to get it to work. 


I don't know if there's a way to put the MF271 into Bridge mode or if I have to use port forwarding or something along those lines. Hopefully someone can give me some pointers any help would be greatly apprecieated



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Re: Using the MF271 as a modem with an external router



To help answer your question, it would be B, your router would handle all the configuration settings.




Re: Using the MF271 as a modem with an external router

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Is there a way to turn off DHCP or change the IP range on the MF271? I see the Router Settings but they have all been greyed out? I need to use a different range of internal IPs to eliminate conflict with a VPN at work I have to connect to. Thanks.

Re: Using the MF271 as a modem with an external router

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You will probably need to disconnect first ("Home" tab, Disconnect). Then make your changes; following this you reconnect.

Re: Using the MF271 as a modem with an external router

I'm Here A Lot

Found the Disconnect button and was able to turn off the DHCP on the hub. Thanks.

Re: Using the MF271 as a modem with an external router

I Plan to Stick Around

Ha it sounds like a great suggestion, but we all know how little Rogers values the opinions of its high paying customers. Been a nightmare on the hub and rogers network... Anyway...


ive been running the zte as a modem wi thmy own apple wifi network for 3 years now. The problem, which is the same no matter what router you choose... Double NAT, or double "network address translation". What this means is you shut off wifi on the zte hub and via Ethernet you connect port 1 on the zte to the uplink port on your router, or port 1. Now what you have because of the inability to bridge the zte is two sets of IP address ie. 192.168____ + 10.0.1____. Further you must make sure that in your zte and router settings that your are using different sets of IP translations, if the zte and the router are both using 192.168______ then it simply won't work. Most routers allow you to change this, but the zte is stuck on 192.168.1.___ for anyone who's wondering. 





-if your network is only for simple things you can now connect as many devices as you would like., 



where to start.

-No range extenders, double NAT won't allow proper translation

-no port forwarding, meaning no remote access, double NAT it isn't possible to forward ports thru three networks (the web, the zte, and your own router)

-NO remote access means.... No remote door locks, no remote thermostats, no remote camera viewing and on and on.


all in all this is a joke. But given that it took me three years of paying for 100gb a month when rogers would only give me 30 (do the math 300$+ monthly for Internet.) all because we're rural. Now they're telling me they only do static IP's for business account holders.


so for all of you in this situations with a double NAT, living in a rural area with only the zte as a broadband option. Escalate your case. We all have a right to properly working broadband without nonsense like static IP's for business account holders, and fair data caps comparable to DSL accounts. Don't let rogers tell you "sorry mam, sorry sir,me don't offer that" yes they do, their the ones putting stupid restrictions on like 10 device limits etc. 


hey rogers, canada is coming for you, look out you greedy ___________ <<---------------- insert true feelings here.


Mike, your friendly neighbourhood anti big Telecom IT support. Ask for anything, cuz rogers doesn't know. I'm here