Sierra Aircard "Data Usage Tracking" option missing?

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Sierra Aircard "Data Usage Tracking" option missing?



I just received my Sierra wireless aircard, and everything seems to work fine. But in the help documentation, it says under "Track Data Usage" that I can go to:


Options > Data usage Tracking


And this is supposed to enable an option for me to enter my data plan info, including my data allowance, billing date, etc... 


I can find no such option. I see where you can manually go into "Usage History" and see your most recent session, and clear the session, but this is clearly not the option being referred to in the help file. 


The benefit of the option I cannot seem to find is that it will apparently automatically reset my session info on my billing date, and receive warning messages when getting close to my limit.


With the current option I can find, it's up to me to closely monitor and reset my usage info.


Anyone had any luck with this? Is there something I'm missing here? Or is the help file just inaccurate?






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Re: Sierra Aircard "Data Usage Tracking" option missing?

Any other Sierra Aircard users out there able to assist Holmes with their question?



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Re: Sierra Aircard "Data Usage Tracking" option missing?

Hi there, 

I'm not sure if this helps but I was given an article that showed me to go to:

I downloaded an app which allows me to view my connection, settings, and track data


From what I see, there are two options to Check Your Data Usage 

1) On the mobile hotspot LCD Dashboard: 1. Press the Navigation key to cycle through the screens. The billing information screen shows your data usage. 

2) On the Homepage: 1. Go to http://aircard.hotspot. 2. Click the Session Data icon. 3. Optionally, set the billing cycle to match your data plan’s billing date.