Sierra AirCard, port forwarding, and public/static IPs.

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Sierra AirCard, port forwarding, and public/static IPs.

Friend of mine is using the 763S for internet in his shop and trailer.  I've added a router running as a WiFi client, along with some IP cameras, and need to configure incoming connections so he can view his cameras remotely when he's on the road.


I have the AirCard and router connecting properly, I have the cameras set up, I have the port forwarding configured in the AirCard.  Everything internally is working as required. The problem I'm seeing is that the AirCard has a non-public IP, so it can't be reached from the outside at all - tracerte to anywhere outside bounces around several private IPs within Rogers' network.


My friend talked to Rogers and they told him a static IP that would do what he needs, that they do this for lots of customers, and that his account had been set up for it (with a $20 one-time fee and an additional $5/mo).


When I tried to reconfigure his AirCard per the instructions they sent, it didn't work - couldn't connect using staticip.apn.


After close to an hour bouncing between tech support and customer service,  he was told he had a pubic IP, not a static IP... yet the setting for the public IP APN didn't work.


They they told him he couldn't have a static IP without a business account.


THEN they told him he couldn't have a public IP without a business account either.


So what I want to know is... which CSR is full of crap?  The one who told him the static IP was what he wanted in the first place and said it was set up and ready for him...or the one today who said it's not possible without a business account?


And more importantly, is anyone else doing this - AirCard set up to allow incoming connections for a security system?  And if so, what did it take to get it to work?


If this isn't going to be possible, well... he'll have to look for an option other than Rogers.



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Re: Sierra AirCard, port forwarding, and public/static IPs.

Not positive, on the personal account unfortunately.

I KNOW its possible via the business account one, as we have one set up through work that way.

Weither its restricted to business accounts only?  I dont know. 😞

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Re: Sierra AirCard, port forwarding, and public/static IPs.

Strangely enough, I went through a very similar series of false answers from reps over the phone while trying to set up my own static IP.


First I was told that I would be able to apply a static IP to my non-business account, and it would cost $5 more per month (to his credit, this guy claimed he wasn't 100% positive on the price at least). A few transfers later, I was told that no, my non-business account cannot have a static IP applied to it, but it can be switched over. Fine.


So he gets it all set up, and when it's all said and done, I was informed my formerly $25/month plan would now be $37/month! So as a result of this switch, my bill increased by $12/month. How much of that is from the static IP and how much is simply from now being a business account, I'm not sure. 


Anyway, that's my 2 cents.