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Re: Rogers ZTE MF28B

Just got a new ZTE rocket hub and am trying to change the password- the manual says use the WEB GUI advanced configuration page. Have no idea what that is or where I find it. Am on an IPAD.

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Re: Rogers ZTE MF28B

Point your browser to the default IP address of the rocket hub.  I believe this is  That should present a login page to the MF28B's Web GUI.  The default password is "admin".

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Re: Rogers ZTE MF28B

I am looking for mobile router that can let me assign ip to become part of our network (ip = 100.100.100.###).


From what I read in the thread, it should allow you to do that if the WIFI disabled.  I wonder if I can also connect the Hub into a switch, so that the devices in my network would see the hub (ip 100.100.100.###) and use it as default gateway for internet access.



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Re: Rogers ZTE MF28B



not sure what you mean by "mobile router", but any router I have ever worked with allows you to change the device IP address to whatever you need.


Most WiFi routers will not need the WiFi disabled to do management and configuration operations.


You will be able to connect a switch to any router you use.  This is a basic ethernet functional capability.




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Re: Rogers ZTE MF28B

Many thanks.


I received my ZTE MF28B last night and after discovering, of the two SIMs shipped with it, it wanted the SIM that was NOT marked Rocket Hub (crazy start) I was on-line.


When I hit the issue with the internal IP's identified in this thread I was completely frustrated.  I'm an IT professional so 192.168.1.x is an unacceptable network for my home.


The device only came with the quick start guide so I called support asking why I was unable to change these very basic settings.  The response was that it was not supported - so I was about to pack it up and ship it back when I decided to do a quick search.  I'm very happy I found this simple work around and that you folks took the time to post the solution!


Thanks again!



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Re: Rogers ZTE MF28B

Also. Are you able to configure Port Forwarding ? I played with it configured an IP Cam with a

fix IP inside my LAN. Configured port 8081. 


I have a Perl script that updates my DDNS (so I can also see the DHCP/public IP on the Internet side) but

I cannot get to the defined/opened port from the Internet...


I bought this device only to acces IP cameras at the cottage (to access it remotely, get email/FTP information in case

there is activity, etc...)


Anyone has configured it with success ???


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Re: Rogers ZTE MF28B

Good day


We bought 21 Routers ZTE MF28B. In the 3G/4G setup we need to configure the APN , Dial Number, User and Password, but the option of Dial number does not appears.


How can I set up the dial number?. The connection dont work without this funcion.

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Re: Rogers ZTE MF28B

Want to upgrade zte mf 275 to zte mf288  rocket hub on market for some times at competitors but not Rogers


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Re: Rogers ZTE MF28B

Hey @Buddyrod,


Can you clarify what you mean on your post. I don't follow?



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Re: Rogers ZTE MF288

zte mf 288 on market for some times.New generation for hubs