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Rogers Smart Auto

Just got an add about this on my phone.

(link on the front page of the rogers site now too)


Many vehicles now you can get 'smart' connected.. where they have wifi built in (that you have to pay for the internet connection, etc.. commercials dont always tell you that :P), and some other features.

This seems to be a similar type thing.. sort of something that you could add to ANY vehicle which doesnt by default have it built in.


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Re: Rogers Smart Auto

Hello @Gdkitty,


Thank you for raising awareness about this great new feature. Being able to get Wi-Fi from your car is super convenient especially on long road trips. Check out the Blog post for more info!


We appreciate all of your contributions to the Rogers Community Forums. 🙂


If anyone in the Community has purchased one already or is planning to we'd love to hear about your experience.





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Re: Rogers Smart Auto

Hey guys!

I was looking into this for my father actually! He likes the idea of having it into his 2009 GMC Acadia so I might be heading to Rogers later on to get it tonight! We shall see!

Great little device that gives you information and also internet 6

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Re: Rogers Smart Auto

I have never really had the draw for the wifi in the car..

A) most of the time, will have mine or my wifes phone there.. so have a cellular connection anyways.
B) Even for others who may not fully... say for connecting kids tablets, etc..  they say to entertain your kids with netflix, etc while on the road, etc.... this all uses DATA.  You will eat through data quickly.. and can easily go over unless you have a REALLY high data plan.

But overall, i do like the other features.  
With some of the monitoring stuff on it... this would actually be GREAT to put in your kids (old enough to drive now) to see how they are doing, etc.
I wonder, if you could turn the wifi on it OFF?  Obviously would have to still add to your share everything.. and pay the monthly fee.. but just as a monitoring/stats device?

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Re: Rogers Smart Auto

I just picked it up yesterday. I have 15 days to take it back if I don't like it. my take so far..

- easy setup

- nice trip report functionality if you are into that (with export functionality although I just tried exporting and it said it was successful but I haven't received any email yet going on 10 min)

- plenty of notifications (would be ideal for monitoring kids driving)

- the best notification is when the vehicle starts moving (yes a nice security feature if it ever gets stolen)

- there is a bump notification but it didn't go off when I tried opening the locked door. will try kicking tires and see what it takes to get that notification

-wifi in car.. undecided about it. don't really need others eating into my data plan.


only complaint right now is I wish it had more functionality related to the ODB. there is a tonne of info the ODB port can provide that isn't available. It would be very useful to have more options and hopefully this is included in an update. battery and issues are the only two I see so far. max rpm is available in trip report is the other I notice.


verdict- too soon to tell. will give it another week and see.

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Re: Rogers Smart Auto

Yes, you can turn the wi fi hot spot off on it....but the device will still use some data related to the functionality of the device.  

It is a nice setup, but when you go in Saskatchewan off the Rogers towers and onto the SaskTel towers, this device stops working and your phones go to 3G.  Apparently Rogers does not have an LTE agreement with SaskTel yet but also apparently this is being worked on.

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Re: Rogers Smart Auto

just wondering what the range of the wifi is outside of the car. is is 100 feet? anyone have answers? thank you kindly

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Re: Rogers Smart Auto

Hi @railcarbandit,


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forum Robot wink!


My colleagues and I were wondering the same thing and since @RogersTony has the service, we conducted a lil experiment. We turned on his Smart Auto, connected to his WiFi and walked away from his car until the bars degraded. 


This is not the most accurate form of measurement, but on my iPhone 6, I was able to maintain a connection about 100 paces away from his car and still run a few apps. Based off our experiment, I'd say the range is up to 100 feet.


Hope this helps! Have a good long weekend :).



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Re: Rogers Smart Auto

I can’t thank you enough for the test! I think it would be great for a picknic etc. And this info also tipped my decision into buying one of these devices! Thank you again

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Re: Rogers Smart Auto

How to change Rogers smart drive iPhone APP login password?

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