Rocket Stick sign in.

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Rocket Stick sign in.

A question out of curiosity.

Every once in awhile a sign in box pops up with my Rocket Hub,but all I do is unplug and then plug it back in again and away we go.

Should I be signing in.The store never said anything to me about having to sign in.

It works without signing in except for the sign in box popping up once in awhile.


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Re: Rocket Stick sign in.


Hello, @jwayne


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums! Smiley Happy


Thank you for posting your curiosity in the Community. I would be inquiring as well if I see such a sign in prompt. Do you see the sign in prompt on your device's browser? Do you also lose the Internet at the same time? What's the model of your Rocket Hub?


Most likely your Rocket Hub loses the network connection and you see the sign in prompt on the device you were using at that time. When you power-cycle the Rocket Hub, it establishes the network connection and your devices get connected to the Internet. 


If you were to sign in then you should see the Rocket Hub's admin console where you can manage and configure your hub.  You absolutely don't have to sign in and continue to power cycle the hub when you see the prompt. 




I Plan to Stick Around
Posts: 30

Re: Rocket Stick sign in.

No sign in appears on device browser,only a pop up box once in awhile.

The sign in box popped up a couple of times when plugging the rocket hub in,but as mentioned I just unplug and plug it back in again and away I go on the internet.

It works fine,just curious about this pop up.

Sorry about that,I should have wrote Rocket Stick,not HUB.


I Plan to Stick Around
Posts: 30

Re: Rocket Stick sign in.

Went to live chat to get my log on info for the rocket stick.

As I mentioned before the rocket stick works great on a Chromebook.

I tried it today on a Windows10 laptop,what hoopla.

Windows10 would not hold a signal.

Now that I have log on info,hopefully it will work better with Windows10.

If not I will just use my Chromebook all the time.

I forgot to mention that with the Chromebook when you are not using,gone for coffee break,the rocket stick auto turns off.With Windows10 it stays on all the time,so you are using up your data time.