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Rocket HUB external antenna

I'm a Trusted Enthusiast

I'm wondering if Rogers will ever introduce a Rocket HUB with external antenna capabilities again. My trusty old NetComm is getting aged and limited to 3G.


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Re: Rocket HUB external antenna

I've Been Here Awhile

Try ZTE-MF275R

Re: Rocket HUB external antenna

I am considering adding one of the available mobile hotspots to my existing Rogers cellphone plan, to use for internet access at my remote, off-grid cabin in Northern Ontario.  My question relates to connecting an external antenna (ie. a signal booster) to the hotspot.


Currently, I use a Wilson Weboost booster (connected to a roof-mounted Yagi antenna) to get a stronger signal from the closest cellphone tower, which is more than 10 miles away.  The boester gets my iphone signal strength from one bar up to 3-4 bars.


One hotspot currently offered by Rogers is the ZTEMF279T.  I found the user manual for this unit online, and can see it shows an external antenna connection on page 4.  However, it does not describe the type of connection port, nor does the manual contain any information about connecting it to an external antenna.


Any information about connecting an external antenna to any of the current Rogers mobile hotspots would be appreciated.