New affordable Rocket Hub plan?

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Re: New affordable Rocket Hub plan?

Any update on your overage woes?


So get this. I’m on Rogers flex heavy. I use like 200-250GB a month. Short version I had an agreement that my overage would cap at 50$. Insisted to have it written in my account notes. Because I stated to the agents multiple times on the phone... “so this is basically unlimited for 195$ plus tax.” They agreed and claimed to write it on my account file. 145$ for 100GB and 50$ of overage. This worked for 10 months roughly.

Second part of this story, hang in for me... I do tech support for my next door neighbor. Got him on flex heavy, he didn’t have the same agreement. He loves Netflix and uses it a lot. He watched over 200GB of Netflix last moth. So without notifying him, they shut his service off. He calls me, I identify that he’s been cut off. He calls Rogers angrily. Explains the deal that I get. Says he wants the same.

3rd part... About 1 minute after his angry call with Rogers tech support ends... the LTE service off the tower across the street goes out for our entire neighbourhood for 2 days. My next bill, after 10 strait months at 195$ plus tax.... 475$. Now the office of the president is investigating whilst trying to explain to me that this is NOT how overage works (50$ max). I said, tell that to your retention agents that agreed to it. Still under investigation, I will update after in this thread. Shady shady bad bad business.