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Mobile internet plan


I currently use Mobile Internet Light plan with a router to connect some simple sensors, temperature & motion for example, to the internet.

I find that 100MB is starting to become not enough. With most current devices being connected to the cloud, even when idle or doing minimal work they consume data at increasing volumes compared to older generation of devices. Good example is motion sensing camera which sends notifications with photos when motion is detected.

Jumping to the next 2GB tier makes sense but cost is prohibitive.

Rogers should recognize that 100MB is not what it used to be and can get consumed very fast by current sensor devices. Are there any plans to adjust pricing to reflect this?

Thank you

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Re: Mobile internet plan

The plans listed may be negotiated downward if you plan to leave Rogers.

Try calling and ask for "retentions" or the "loyalty" department to see what they can do for you.

There may be special offers that they can give you.

I hope that helps.