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Mobile Internet Plans

I recently took myself off the old Flex Rate Plan for my Rocket Hub - 100GB for $145.00 per month.


I wanted to downgrade our service to the Light Fixed Plan , our circumstances have changed and we just now need occasional use on the Rocket Hub,probably never more than 1/2GB per month, I thought this would cost me $10 per month plus overage charges of $20/2GB as and when we used it.


My recent bill shows Rocket Hub Data Plan $60 and Network Access $10 ( The 911 Emergency Access Fee and the System Access fee are charged and credited).Please tell me that I should not still be paying the Rocket Hub Data Plan charge.




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Re: Mobile Internet Plans

Good day @lh321,


Thanks for your post! I apologize for the delayed reply.

I understand you need us to clarify your latest invoice.



The Monthly Service Fee of the Flex Rate plan varies by usage. It is therefore billed after the cycle is done.


All our regular "fixed rate" plans are billed ahead of time, and the additional usage is billed on the bill following the end of the billing cycle.

Since you changed from a flexible plan to a set plan, the charges for both appear on the same bill.

However, it will be the only invoice generated that way.


Hope this helps!