Mobile Internet Device Limitations?

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Mobile Internet Device Limitations?

Hi guys, I have a question regarding Roger's Mobile Internet.


I'm planning to ditch my Bell landline/wired internet and going with Roger's mobile internet.  Now, I can get my hands on both the Sierra Wireless AirCard 330U (Internet Stick) and the Sierra Wireless AirCard 763S (Mobile Hotspot) for cheap (buying them used from a friend). 


My question is, am I able to use both devices, by just simply swapping my SIM card from one to another?  The reason I ask is, if I am only using my laptop, then I would like to use the Internet Stick, but if I want to connect to multiple devices via WIFI, then I would like to use the Mobile Hotspot.


Thanks in advance!



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Re: Mobile Internet Device Limitations?

As long as they both use the same SIM card size (which I believe they do) you should be fine.

Remember switching from landline to wireless, your usage caps will be much lower on wireless.

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Re: Mobile Internet Device Limitations?

If you use these two devices do you not have to have 2 accounts for internet?    Why not just install a wirelss router on your bell line to do the same thing?  If you need 2 accounts with rogers your spending a lot of money for terrible bandwidth.

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Re: Mobile Internet Device Limitations?



you mention that you are "...planning to ditch my Bell landline/wired internet and going with Roger's mobile internet."  I assume you are using Bell's DSL for your internet connection.  If you were to do a financial comparison with your current DSL connection, I think you will find that:


1) your monthly rates will be much higher using Roger mobile internet;

2) the allowed monthly data usage in the Bell plan is at least ten times what is allowed with Rogers mobile;

3) your data download and upload speeds will not be as good as they are with your current DSL connection.


If you really don't like Bell for whatever reason, I would suggest you first try another DSL Internet provider.  There must be a number of those in your area.


No matter how inexpensive the acquisition cost are for the two Sierra Wireless AirCards, you will very, very quickly spend much more money for the Rogers Mobile service, and you will probably get poorer performance.


This is simply a fact of life.  If you were to try the equivalent Bell Mobile Internet services, for example, you would find them expensive as well, when compared to your current DSL service.


I have used Rogers Mobile Internet service for more than four years now.  Believe me, if I could switch to either a cable or DSL-based internet service, I would, for both performance and money reasons.  But, alas, in my situation, that is not an option.




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Re: Mobile Internet Device Limitations?

**  I registered an account on Sunday, and somehow, I couldn't access it anymore today, so I had to sign up a new account...weird.


Anyway, thanks for the suggestions guys.  Really appreciated it.


But yeah, I'm ditching my Bell Highspeed DSL due to being on the run all the time, so having wired/landline internet is no longer a good option for me.  Plus I'm located in an older urban area with old infrastructure, so my best Bell DSL upload speed never exceeds 3.5Mbps, and upload speed of ~ 0.68Mbps.


The speed is average at best, however, Bell wants crazy money if I don't sign a new contract with them (my current contract just expired).  


I'm thinking with Roger's Mobile Internet, if I can get their Hotspot/Internet Stick for cheap, it would actually cost me less per month since I find their plans are pretty okay.  My usage is always under 5GB  per month, so having "Unlimited" cap doesn't mean much to me.


I was considering WIND Mobile Internet as well, but people are telling me their network is choppy/laggy, so I'm staying away from that.


Now my next question is, do both Internet Stick (Sierra AirCard 330U) and Mobile Hotspot (Sierra AirCard 763S) use the same type of SIM card?  From what I read on their manuals, they both use "LTE SIM Card", but I couldn't be 100% sure if they're the same and compatible on both devices.


Thanks in advance!

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Resident Expert
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Re: Mobile Internet Device Limitations?

Yeah.. if you are a LIGHT user.. 5g ish worth of usage.. while still your per GB is still higher than landline... the mobility factor, would be to your advantage.

ASSUMING you can get LTE service/coverage in your area decently, you shoudl be getting better speeds than your landline. (i am in an OK LTE area.. 2-3 bars outside the house (inside is another matter), and have done some speed tests at close to 30mbps/8)

Do you have an LTE enabled phone?  That would be a decent test at least, to tell what your general signal would be in those areas.
Otherwise, the units WILL drop down to 3g.. just at an obvious drop in speed.


I know the USB stick sierra is a standard LTE sim.  We have one for a MS Surface Pro we have here at work.


(traced down the sierra hotspot.. suprisingly, sierra takes you to a NETGEAR site.. guess netgear maks their home based products for them).

While i was never able to get ANYWHERE which said which type of sim... from the install setup guide, it DID look like a full size sim card, from the shape/size they showed.
That they are both made by the same manufacturer.. HOPEFULLy would be the same.




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