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LTE Rocket Mobile Hotspot

Looking to purchase the LTE Rocket Mobile Hotspot. I live in the States, and I will use the Hotspot in Nova Scotia, while visiting. I want to make sure I can connect my laptops, smart phone, and tablet to the Hotspot before I purchase it.

Is the LTE Rocket Mobile Hotspot compatiable with U.S. laptops, tablets, and smartphones?

Thanks for your help.

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: LTE Rocket Mobile Hotspot

Canadian and US devices use the same WiFi technology.
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Resident Expert
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Re: LTE Rocket Mobile Hotspot

connecting the devices, will not be an issue.  A stated.. wifi is wifi.. they will connect fine.

When/if you get it up here.. you will have to get a ROGERS plan for it which will work while up here.

If you do intend to use it when you return back to the US.. it will ROAM and cost a fair bit.
You would have to pay to unlock the device, to be able to put a US carriers SIM in into it to use down there.