How to transfer a Rogers Rockethub email to Rogers cable account ?

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How to transfer a Rogers Rockethub email to Rogers cable account ?

I moved from using a Rogers Rockethub to a new address using Rogers cable.  My email address is tied to the Rockethub and the Rogers technician I called claims he cannot move that email address to the cable account. He blamed Yahoo for this.   This answer is not acceptable to me. The name on the accounts are identical (me).

I did change my email address a year or so ago and it was a real problem.  Banks and other important web sites use the email address and usually those are NOT in my address book, so sending them a note as suggested by the Rogers technician is not very feasible.  

As I have worked with computers since the 1970's it really gets me when "somebody" states it cannot be done.  The proper

statement should be that this person does not know how to do it.  

So my question:  How to find a tech in Rogers who knows what to do to transfer my existing email address (owned by my Rockethub) to my new Rogers cable account?  

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Re: How to transfer a Rogers Rockethub email to Rogers cable account ?

How to get a tech to do it/The right tech.. might be the issue.. but it SHOULD be doable as far as i know.

That i know of, there should be NO DIFFERENCE between an email set up with the rocket hub, vs one set up via the cable... other than on Account A vs Account B.


I have moved MULTIPLE emails, from cable account to cable account in the past.
WHen i moved out from my parrents rogers.. i moved my email from there, to my own new account.

When i was moving houses.. i had 2 months without a house... i moved my email to my inlaws account.

Once i got my new house... i moved the emails BACK to my new account.


So unless there is some wierd silly restriction in the system..

Its a standard email address?