Ever hear of Rocket HUB $50 max overage charge?

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Ever hear of Rocket HUB $50 max overage charge?

Curious. Someone told me on another forum there is a $50 maximum overage fee with the HUB , subject to a fair use policy which I assume means you cant watch Netflix all day.


Can't find anything definitive on this so am wondering if there's any truth to this , is it an old wives tale or a discretionary Rogers policy.


Anyone come across this? I've emailed Rogers but still waiting for a reply.



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Re: Ever hear of Rocket HUB $50 max overage charge?



I also have the distinct recollection that there was a $50 maximum charge on monthly data volumes. I just went and checked the copy I have here of my original contract with Rogers and cannot find any mention of that.  There are other curiosities/textual uncertainties, but nothing regarding the $50 maximum.  I am wondering if the $50 maximum claim was made in the Rogers brochure advertising the RocketHub service.


I did at one point pursue some of those contractual "curiosities/textual uncertainties" by telephone with Rogers.  I was told quite seriously by the Rogers staffer to whom I spoke that I would find the T's & C's for my service in each of my monthly bills.  I did not find them there.


Then I was told by the same staffer that because I had already at that point been paying for my RocketHub service for some months, I had set a precedent and by implication thereby accepted whatever terms and conditions and/or the Rogers interpretation thereof, and therefore I just needed to shut up and put up with it.


So, good luck with getting reasonable and rational answers from Rogers on such issues.



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Re: Ever hear of Rocket HUB $50 max overage charge?

I went significantly over 10GB a few months ago when a whole bunch of my programs updated on my 2 computers without me realizing it, and Roger's only charged me $50 over.  I assume it is a courtesy for customers to keep them from raging at massive bills if something like that happens.  However, it is not in the contract or terms at all.  According to the agreement you sign, the $50 cap does not exist, and I assume if somebody was going over every month repeatedly instead of only going over occasionally they would start charging them the full amount.

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Re: Ever hear of Rocket HUB $50 max overage charge?

I asked Rogers about this and got an email saying there was indeed a $50 maximum.


I would imagine though that if you consistently go over the 10G by a LOT (say 30 or so) constantly , they are going to start whining about it.


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Re: Ever hear of Rocket HUB $50 max overage charge?

Well that's interesting, because I am on the Data Flex plan for Portable Internet clients who were screwed over, and I pay #182 a month after taxes for my Rocket Hub internet service. That's an overage charge of $100 a month.


What Rogers doesn't seem to get is that this is being used as residential internet for some people, not as something to check email with at the cottage. I wouldn't mind paying $50 overage, but this bill is as much as my hydro every month!


Can someone from Rogers confirm who's being charged the right overage amount?

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Re: Ever hear of Rocket HUB $50 max overage charge?

So much for a community forum where customers can collaborate with Rogers people for information. Again can anyone from Rogers confirm which overage rate is correct?



I'm a Trusted Enthusiast
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Re: Ever hear of Rocket HUB $50 max overage charge?

Here's the content of the email I received from Sabrina at Rogers where the $50 maximum overage is confirmed..


Thank you for taking the time to write to us, we appreciate your use of
online customer service.

In your recent email, you have informed us that you would like
information regarding overage fees for the Rocket Hub.

Upon review of your account, I am able to confirm that you are
subscribed to the Data Flex Rate plan. This plan is a self adjusting
plan based on your actual usage. The plan has the following levels and
resets to level 1 each month:

Level 1 - $35 (up to 3 GB)
Level 2 - $45 (up to 5 GB)
Level 3 - $60 (up to 10 GB)
(Overage: $10 per GB over 10 GB up to maximum of $50) (my emphasis)

Rogers does have a Monitoring Excessive Data Usage Policy This will
monitor customers exceeding their monthly data usage allowance limit
will be monitored monthly based on pre-defined threshold criteria

By monitoring excessive usage:

Customers are discouraged from using excessive amounts of data for a
prolonged period of time.
Able to manage excessive data usage so that other customers are not
impacted by one customer's high usage patterns.

We appreciate your continuing patronage. Please contact us at your
earliest convenience if you have additional inquiries.

As another alternative, you can contact our Customer Care line toll free
1-888-764-3771 or *611 from your hand held device, Monday - Sunday 6am -
2am EST.

I'm Here A Lot
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Re: Ever hear of Rocket HUB $50 max overage charge?

I have a 50 gig max cap and rogers sent me a new email saying i would be charged 10 dollars for every exceeding gig. That means I'll be paying rougly 260 dollars. I would take the 50 dollar overage anyday. 


Beware though, I was never told or warned of the $10/gig fining rate. Now I'm hit with a 260 dollar bill. I just wanna pull my hair out. 

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Re: Ever hear of Rocket HUB $50 max overage charge?

How on earth did you get a 50 gig max cap?! We've been usiing the rocket hub since it came out as we live in the country, with no other viable internet options available, and we've consistantly gone over the 10GB cap (though not by much, typically). We just recieved an email as well, warning us that our overages would be billed at a $10 GB rate after we apparently used around 44 GB in one month (something I'm still trying to puzzle out, as our usage was typical in the last few months). Pretty frustrating.

I'd feel like a king with a 50 GB cap. 🙂
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Re: Ever hear of Rocket HUB $50 max overage charge?

Are they any available options to get an HSPA+ or LTE rocket hub that have a maximum overage charge?


I live in a rural area and my only options are satellite internet, and Bell or Rogers for wireless internet. My family uses much more than 20gb a month, so using a Rogers Rocket Hub would get very expensive. 


Thank you