Data Usage Update Information

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Data Usage Update Information

When is Rogers going to update its antiquated system to update the data usage in real time? I’ve got a wireless account with Rogers (since 1998!) as well as an Apple Watch account, and for both it takes forever to update the data usage on the mobile iOS app and online in a computer browser. And there’s this disclaimer: “Data delayed up to 12 hours”. 😯


This is especially frustrating especially because I’ve also got two lines with Fido and on both the data usage is being updated in real time. Fido introduced this feature more than one year ago, I believe. 

Aren’t Rogers and Fido the same company? Shouldn’t Rogers be the one with the better features and capabilities than Fido?


Any insight, hopes, delusions on this matter would be much appreciated. Thanks!


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Re: Data Usage Update Information

Thank you for your feedback @MichaelYYZ!


As a customer myself, I ran out of data this month so a real-time update would have been ideal. Luckily the 90% notification gave me plenty of time to disable my data to avoid an overage.


I'm always surprised at how much data is used simply surfing Reddit while out on my daily walks.