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Connecting a router to a ZTE MF279T Hub

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I have connected my hub to a Belkin router's LAN port, set up a static IP address on the router and disabled it's DHCP.  The hub and router work together just fine connected to the internet. I am doing this because I really want to set up the router for guest access so that my IP smart devices (mainly cameras) which are vulnerable to hacking are kept in a separate part of my network. Unfortunately I cannot get internet access from the modem's guest network, I have tried setting up the modem in Access Point Mode (AP) but that makes no difference.


Has anyone else used a modem connected to a Rogers hub, in particular using a guest network?






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Re: Connecting a router to a ZTE MF279T Hub

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @suew3026,


Having your IoT devices on a separate network is always a good idea. The Guest Network on the MF279T should be visible, however, you need to set it up in the user interface first. I believe you have enabled it since you're saying you can't get internet access, but I just want to confirm. 


Does your Belkin router have a Guest Network option? Or even maybe setup a secondary SSID as an option? I'm just concerned the two Routers may interfere with each other and cause you some trouble.


Does anyone in the Community have any experience with this type of a setup that can lend a hand?



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