Connecting Spybike GPS tracker to GPRS network

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Connecting Spybike GPS tracker to GPRS network

I've got a Spybike GPS tracker (specifically the Spylamp 2). It comes with an international SIM card, which in Vancouver appears to connect to the Rogers wireless network.


I'm able to exchange SMS messages with the tracker. However, I haven't been able to configure the tracker with the settings for connecting it to the GPRS network, so that it can upload location data over the Internet.


Looking at this post:


It appears that the settings should be:










Unfortunately this results in the following error when trying to upload data:


Unable to connect to GPRS network

IP=[server address]

Port=[server port]

AT+CllCR failed


I've tried various other APNs (e.g. rogers-core-appl1.apn), but nothing seems to work.



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Re: Connecting Spybike GPS tracker to GPRS network

Good morning @russilwvong!


Welcome to our Community!


This is the first time I've heard mention of this particular product but I'll do my best to point you in the right direction regardless! In this case, it sounds to me like that SIM card is the issue here. If it's an international SIM card that is designed to roam on our network, you may need to contact the original provider of the SIM card for further assistance. 


We can only assist with SIM cards that are activated through the Rogers network and attached to a valid Rogers account. I would recommend reaching out to the manufacturer for assistance in setting this up if you haven't already.


Perhaps someone else in the Community has used this product? If so, please weigh in!




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Re: Connecting Spybike GPS tracker to GPRS network

And if it doesnt NEED to be on that particular providers sim.. IE just needs to connect, and then reports back, etc..

You could get a rogers sim for it?  (add it as a data device to a share everything plan, etc)

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Re: Connecting Spybike GPS tracker to GPRS network

Thanks, RogersCorey and Gdkitty. I've submitted a query to the Spybike manufacturer. I think I'll probably go ahead and pick up a Rogers SIM card as well, see if that works any better.

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Re: Connecting Spybike GPS tracker to GPRS network

Update: The Spybike manufacturer gave me the APN and user/password settings for the international SIM card, and I was able to get the tracker talking to the GPRS network! Thanks again for the suggestions.


For anyone coming across this thread in the future, who's trying to get their Spybike tracker working: you can use the "gprssettings" command to retrieve the default GPRS settings. If you're using the included international SIM card, you shouldn't need to change the settings. In particular, you don't need to modify the GPRS settings to match the local network.