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Activation question

I own an unlocked HSPA+ usb stick.


I'm curious about the process on how to activate it to get the Flex Rate Plan for Mobile Internet for Rogers. 


My understanding is that I need to buy a Rogers SIM card ($10), then activate it ($15). After that I will be elligible for the Flex Rate plan.


Is this correct?


Also, I plan to purshase the Flex Rate Plan every few months or so. Will I have to pay the $15 activation fee each time I stop and re-enroll in the plan?

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Resident Expert
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Re: Activation question

If its unlocked.. it SHOULD work.


But if you activate, then cancel, then activate, again, etc.. yes you would have to keep paying each time to activate it.. as WELL, they often will not re-use sim cards after being de activated, so paying that again as well.

(likely cheaper to just keep it on the flex rate and pay the MIN and not use it)